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  • How to change the password and SSID of my AirTel WiFi hotspot?

    Want to change SSID of your AirTel WiFi hotspot? Cant change the password and SSID of your AirTel WiFi hotspot? Check this Ask Experts thread to gain more information.

    I am using a Huawei WiFi hotspot device with AirTel. But whenever I try to connect the hotspot and try to change the password I am not allowed to do the same. I tried to reset my hotspot by using the reset switch. Still the problem persists.
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  • Here are a few steps involved in changing the SSID and password of your AirTel WiFi hotspot. Hopefully it will work with your Huawei device.

    1. Connect your device to PC.

    2. Launch Web Management Console. Refer to the documentation to see how to launch it. Generally, it is done by accessing

    3. Login with your account with the user name and password. If you have not changed it, the default user name and password are admin and admin respectively.

    4. Click on the Settings tab.

    5. Click on WLAN on the left sidebar.

    6. Click on WLAN Basic Settings in the dropdown list.

    7. In the SSID field, change it to the one you desire to.

    8. In the field, WPA pre-shared key field, enter the password of your choice.

    9. Click on Apply.

    Done! Your SSID and passwords are changed.

    Live....and Let Live!

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