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    Which service providers are the best for online and offline data entry jobs?

    Searching for an online or offline data entry job? Want to find a genuine data entry job provider? Keep checking this thread to gather more knowledge on the reliable data entry jobs on internet.

    I want to do some online and offline data entry job. How can we get the data entry jobs from internet? Help me with the list of genuine websites or service providers.
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  • There are a huge number of firms promising a handsome income from data entry jobs. But, sadly enough, most of them are fake. A lot of such agencies ask for registration fees and once you pay up, you are either given some jobs that offer paltry income or no work at all! A thumb rule should be not to fall prey to any organisation that asks you pay a registration fee.
    having said that there do exist some good avenues to earn a good income from data entry jobs on the internet. Some of them are -

    Fiverr has helped many earn a handsome income by engaging in data entry jobs online. Sign up on Fiverr and create a profile highlighting Data entry as your skill. People looking for data entry jobs will hire you.

    2. UpWork
    Formerly known as ODesk, it is the best place to find best online data entry jobs. Companies looking for data entry jobs have a liking for UpWork and it has been observed that they normally hire those on UpWork. However please note that you will get some spammers on the site. Be careful with the bids when you quote your prices.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are lot of scams in the data entry industry. Most of the scams around the world run in this industry. For example, most of the Russian scammers ask users to break captcha for them and in return they pay around 1$ for every 1000 captcha. You can see that you are practically working at such low rate that you would exhaust yourself working online.

    The best source for data entry projects would be from freelancing websites.

    1. Upwork - There are some of the good projects running on this website. Do note that there are some scammer buyers here too. They may use you to such an extent that you'd not feel comfortable with the data entry rates. Try to quote hourly rate instead of project rate if you want to be comfortable with the earning.

    2. Freelance - This website has been used by many good and bad buyers. Do note that there are lot of low priced projects. Try and quote higher number on those projects. You may not win the bid all the time. But this would force buyers to mind the price next time. And it will eventually make the data entry projects more economical to do in future.

    3. Lionbridge - This is mostly sorted for geographical regions. So some jobs open for US and some open for the India too. Most of the data entry work from lionbridge is related to Google and Bing. They have projects related to search engine improvement tasks. Also some of the tasks for copy pasting stuff. Pay is also good. Pay can even replace real job if you do get opportunity.

    Note: Don't pay money to get any internet jobs. Even if it includes data entry jobs. Do not commit on some collateral for not finishing the project. This is a red flag.

    There is also one site named WAHM. The site is meant for work at home moms but you can use that to find some opportunities. There are some of the good data entry jobs and other freelance projects listed there. I hope this direction helps you find the right data entry jobs for yourself.

  • Apart from the above said services, I have read good reviews on these following services for online/offline data entry jobs. In most cases, they are BPOs and Outsourcing companies, and they are real entities, where you need not pay from your pocket to earn.

    Hi-Tech BPO Services,
    Invensis BPO
    Josoft Technologies.

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