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    How to change address in Google AdSense account?

    Confused on how to get the change of address done on Google AdSense? Want to know the procedure for changing your payee address on your Google AdSense account? Check this Ask Experts thread out for suggestions from our experts.

    After reaching the threshold amount in Google AdSense, Google sent PIN for address verification to my address. I have shifted to my new location due to change of job. Please let me know how to change address in Google AdSense account. How much time will it take new PIN to reach my present address?
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  • You can change the address by going to Payments -- > Payee profile by clicking the Settings button at the top.

    You will see an edit button to edit your address. After editing your address, save it. Then go to Account information under settings. There you will see an option to verify your address, which will take you to the PIN request page.

    After changing the address, it will take some time for the new address to reflect in the PIN request page. Do not worry and wait for sometime. Then request for a new PIN.

    It will take 2-4 weeks for the PIN to reach you based on your location.

    You can request for a new PIN for three times, each new request after 4 weeks past the previous request. After 3 times, you will not be able to request any more PIN and will need to upload a Gov. id proof for your new address, which will be enough for the address verification.

    But if you receive any of the 3 PINs, you can use any of them as they will all be same.

  • The payee address can be easily changed for your Google AdSense account. Follow the below mentioned steps to do the same.

    1. Sign in to your Google AdSense account.

    2. Go to Settings. You can do so by clicking on the gear icon to the top right.

    3. Select Payments.

    4. Click on Payee Profile.

    5. Click on Edit at the top left corner.

    6. Under the Address field, update your new address.

    7. Click on Save. Your Payee address will be immediately changed.

    Normally the PIN is printed and sent via regular mail ( ordinary post, as we call it in India) several days after you reach payment threshold. It should take around 4 weeks for you to receive the PIN.

    To request new PIN, follow these steps.

    1. Follow step 1 and 2 as above.

    2. Click on Settings.

    3. Now click on Address Verification on the side bar at left.

    4. Click on Verify Address. In the link that opens, scroll down to the bottom and click on Request new PIN.

    You have two more chances to request new PIN apart from the first PIN received. If in case, you get your first PIN, you can use it to verify your address. The consecutive PINs will be the duplicates of the first PIN. Please note that you need to enter the PIN within four weeks of being generated.
    If you fail to receive all three PINs, you will see a notification on your Home tab. You will have to send any supporting document to prove your address by following the instructions in this notice.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Your previous PIN is misplaced and you have to notify that to the Google Adsense support team. Unless you do that the support team may not send you the new PIN generated with your new profile.

    Contact Google Adsense support using the address mentioned in the following support page:

    Once you send the email to the support team regarding this issue go ahead and change your address by editing the payee profile within your adsense account. Follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Go to Adsense account.
    2. Click on the settings button > Payments menu option
    3. Click on Payee profile.
    4. Edit the address field. Enter your new address.
    5. Click on Address verification on left side bar.
    6. Click verify address option. And click on Request PIN option.

    Make sure your address is correct in the address field.Google Adsense issues three PINS per payee profile. After that you have to request Google Adsense support for assistance. If all the methods listed fail and you don't get the PIN to include in your account, then last method of resolution is dependent on Google Adsense support team. So you have to be patient with the communication in between the process.

    Also do note that PIN doesn't expire upto 180 days from the issue date. So you have plenty of time to reuse the earlier PIN. Also with the bank transfer option, you don't have to worry about the address change. So make sure to add your bank profile once you get your account approved with the PIN. This way any future address change does not affect your payments from Google.

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