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    How to unlock a locked Facebook account?

    Want to know how to unlock a Facebook account? Keen on unlocking a locked Facebook account? Check this thread to get responses from our experts.

    I have a Facebook account, but not in my real name. Facebook locked my account by saying that someone tried to log in my account and asked for identity verification. Since then I have submitted my government IDs several times. I also sent several requests to Facebook to unlock my account. But there is no response from Facebook. Help me to get my account unlocked.
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  • Of late, Facebook has devised many measures to check if the account is used to send spam. Make sure you are getting a message saying, your account is blocked for security reasons. If yes, follow the steps below. Please note that all the accounts have the same criteria for getting blocked. There are decisions taken on case to case basis. Here is why your account gets blocked.

    1. When Facebook updates its database, it locks in some accounts and performs its optimisation/updating tasks. In such cases, it should last an hour or so to see your account automatically unlocked. In your case, this definitely is not the case.

    2. If you are sending too many friends requests, it results in getting your account locked for a couple of days. Check if that has happened with you. In such cases, Facebook lets you know the remaining days you will stay blocked.

    3. Someone might have reported you to be spamming. Please note that this happens when more than a couple of persons have reported you. There could be many reasons. It could be the posts you share. They could have inappropriate content in them. You will need check for such incidents.

    4. Facebook has subtle security systems that identify if you have a fake account. A fake account with a unreal name or profession, or any such personal details might have been identified. It also happens when an unknown friend has reported you of having created a fake account. In your case, this seems to be the possible reason. Though you said you have submitted your documents, they will definitely not match with your real name as you have stated that the account does not have your real name. When you don't have your real name on your account, there is no meaning to send personal documents which would be in your real name.

    Only option left for you is to delete the account, and create a genuine account with your real identity.
    If you still think your account has been blocked by mistake, you can appeal through the link

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you have not used the Facebook with real name and Facebook found that out then there is no way you can get the account back unless you provide the following:

    1. Voter ID card
    2. Driving license
    3. Passport

    One of the document copy needs to be provided in case if they find out you are using the fake name.

    They are making use of name check to find out the fake profiles. So often they run a test where you have to identify the images of your friends. That way you can get yourself verified. Most of the images are random so it's hard for you to identify which is the right person. And your account gets blocked even if you get one option wrong.

    The reason for Facebook adding such check is to minimize trolling and fake profiles. This is to avoid all the trolls and fake persona created for political, religious and other harassment purpose. So if the profile is identified as fake then Facebook adds those checks to restrict such profiles.

    If you are using fake name then there is no way to unblock such account unless you come out with real identity documents.

    If you have submitted the documents then often it takes around 7 days to upto 30 days to verify your identity. If your account is verified with mobile number then this process can be escalated even quickly.

    My personal suggestion to you is to create new profile with real name. And this time get mobile verified from Facebook. This way you'll get less restrictions from Facebook. Also it won't ask you to send personal documents in such case. Make sure to send less friend request in your first 10 days. And also avoid posting extreme opinion within first few months. Unless you have genuine friends and other security checks in favor, it is better to avoid the commenting too. It takes time for Facebook to recognize real profile. This should solve your problem with Facebook blocking your profile.

  • If you are locked out of your Facebook account, there is still a way to unlock it. You need to know what is your username. If you're sure about your username, whether it is the mobile phone number or an email address, then you can do things to unlock it by forgetting the password. Below the username or password, there is an option "forget password". However, if your username is a mobile phone number you need to makes sure your number still active because it will send a code on it and if you're using an email address you should have access to your email address. There are cases wherein it asks you to identify photos of your friends then you can do it. But, the problem is, if you don't have an access to your email. The best thing to do in this case is to call your email provider like AOL because they could reset the email password. The last resort that we can have is to call the Facebook customer service.

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