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  • How to create a Paypal account using my email id

    Having some problem with your Paypal account payments receipt into your bank account? Know how to create your Paypal account with your email ID and how to resolve this problem.

    I want to create a paypal account using my email id. I already tried to link with my IDBI account. Paypal sent two deposit amounts and it was confirmed with my account also, but some error showing 'to receive payments as per Indian regulations,please complete your task'. Please explain what needs to be done because I checked my Paypal account and my Bank account and these are already linked.
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  • If your PayPal account has been a Verified PayPal account, your money in the PayPal account should automatically be transferred to your bank account. It should take around 2-3 days to get the amount credited. If there are any holidays either in US or in India, you may need to wait for additional two three days.
    Now that you have confirmed having your Indian bank account being linked to your bank account, you need not do anything to get the amount transferred to your account. Please note that the amount will be transferred to your account after the due conversion to Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate at the time of transfer.
    Coming to the question of performing the tasks mentioned by PayPal, you will get to know the tasks once you log in to your PayPal account. It involves providing certain information regarding your account or transaction. Log in to your account and check for the instructions. Or better still, get in touch with Paypal via email to resolve the issue.

    Since you already have a PayPal account and your bank account is linked to your PayPal account, I do not see any reason to create another PayPal account.

    Please note that you need to verify your credit/debit card and bank account to be able to get your money transferred to your account. The sample transactions you mentioned are meant to be part of verification of your bank account. If you have linked your bank account, and still have not received the deposits in your account, you need to get in touch with the PayPal customer care service for further instructions.

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  • You have created Paypal account but you are not receiving payment because you didn't link your credit or debit card. You should linked your card then you can receive your payment. And If you are having a problem in your Paypal account.

    You can call Paypal Customer care Number 18002123852

  • Creating a Paypal account is a piece of cake because Paypal gives all the instructions to verify your account and make it fully functional. As you have already linked your bank account with your account now you will need to link your Debit/Credit card as well because it is necessary for new account in India. If your account is made after 2015 then for verification you will need to add your debit/credit card as well.

    After adding all the necessary documents, please check if your account is still limited. If it then visit 'Complete Task' page and complete all of them.

    Note: - It will take about 2-3 days for your payment to appear in your bank account apart from holidays.

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  • Signing up for Paypal is just any other sign up form on website. It takes few personal details. However in order to get your account verified you have to supply documentation. You're asked to give bank account and PAN card. This way your account gets verified account.

    Follow the steps:

    1. Sign up to paypal using your ID.
    2. Provide the documents such as bank information, PAN card.
    3. Provide the image for verification.

    Note: Connecting bank account is important as it helps you receive the money from others. And also in case of refunds for online shopping bank account is refunded with that amount.

    If you choose to use the bank account or debit card for payments then you have to follow few more additional steps. You have to attach your debit card and verify it using paypals sample transaction. This way you'll be able to use debit card online to for online transaction.

  • Assuming that, you already verified your PayPal account and the solution is already stated by fellow members. So, now the question is how to receive an amount in PayPal and also have you connected your pan card?

    When you ask for withdrawal manually then you should mention what's the source of this income. In my case am mentioning from long back as freelance journalism. Make sure that you don't do anything in this option and this is called purpose code. Maybe this is the option that is stopping you from receiving your amount.

    Once check that and also make sure bank account is linked correctly. No need for debit/credit card to receive payment. The only bank account is enough.

    If the problem is unsolved contact their support team and doesn't do anything wrong with them it may result in your account ban.

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