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  • Which investment plan is very safe for savings

    Eager to invest your money in a safe manner? Our investments experts will guide you to investing in the right manner & in a safe way.

    I would like to invest Rs.5 lakhs within a period of 2 or 3 years. How to invest my money? I need guidance on developing some good savings & investment plans. Which is the best way to save my money: bank savings, mutual funds, share market investments, insurance, etc. In terms of safety, too, which would be the best sources of investment.
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  • There are many ways to invest, as you already know, but when safety is concerned, Fixed Deposits in Banks, PPF(Public Provident Fund), NSC (National Savings Certificate) Kisan Bikas Patra are the safest possible ways to invest.

    Fixed Deposits in Bank is more preferable in my opinion as it gives you reasonable interest rate, without having to worry about losing out anything. Your money stays safe, grows and you have options to receive your interest as per your convenience too.
    Moreover, as internet banking is on the run, you can get back your money at any moment, without having to run about fulfilling formalities.

  • I think it'd be good if you diversify your investments. So break your amount in such way that you can take risk with it.

    Invest 95000/- Rs in Fixed deposits. This should incur the savings interest rate of 7.90% per year from any PSU or private bank.

    Invest 100000/-Rs in PPF for the specific financial year. And this will be tax free investment and there would be 8% yearly interest on this. There is a lock in for this investment but it is definitely worth investing into.

    Save 50,000/Rs into National savings certificate for 5 years. Or alternatively you can invest into Post MIS scheme.

    If you have daughter at home then you can invest into sukanya samridhi account.

    Last and very important investment option is SIP into equity schemes. You can choose from UTI or franklip templeton funds. And this way you can invest some amount of money slowly into the equity. This helps build your money for the recession and other expensive changes over period of time.

    I suggest you to read more on this on website such as . You can also take help from the financial advisors. That helps you set the direction for your investment. Avoid taking investment advice from banks and the LIC agents.

  • This appears to be more of a generalised question. The exact nature of your investment will depend on different factors. One of them is your liquidity requirement. Apart from that please check out your investment time frame and risk taking ability.
    Here are a few good investment options -

    Fixed Deposits
    This is the best option when it comes to risk free investment. Most of the banks offer a 8 to 9 % interest rates based on your tenure. Please note that an interest of more than Rs. 10000 per annum will attract income tax.

    Public Provident Fund
    PPF as it is popularly known as, offers you a rate of interest of 8 %. But if you are looking for liquidity, it may not be a good option. You will not be able to withdraw any money before completing five years.

    Stock market
    One of the highest paying option in terms of returns, this requires you to have a thorough knowledge of market fluctuations. Also you will get higher returns on long term investments. Highly risky option for investment.

    Mutual Funds
    Like stock trading, this too depends on the market trends. You have to study the market carefully before entering into any mutual funds. Any previous performance of a mutual fund may not be a guarantee for future gains.

    This accounts to be one of the oldest methods of investments. No matter at what price you buy gold, it will always give you good returns. But be cautious to invest in small quantities.

    Real Estate
    Investing in land is always profitable. You can later sell it off for a better price. You may also consider buying a shop or a flat. You can always get returns by renting it out. However, you will not get any liquidity.

    Well, if you have more fund to invest, have a diversified plan. Rather than investing all of your money into a single plan, have it invested in different plans. That would ensure better returns and liquidity.

    Live....and Let Live!

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