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  • Which is the best mileage bike for rides in India

    Want to change your old bike to a new one? Check out the expert feedback out which are the best bikes to ride in city traffic in terms of mileage.

    I am using Yamaha CruxS bike. It is 7 years old bike and I would like to change my bike. Which bike is currently giving a good mileage? I would like to ride for about 60 to 65 kmpl in city traffic. So please suggest some good mileage bikes with specifications and price based on your own experience about mileage bikes.
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  • I will recommend you to go for Hero Splendor Pro. I know that there are further Hero models which comes with better efficiency but if you will see that their engines are of same specifications as of Splendor Pro but with higher efficiency rates. This modification is due to restrictions on the performance of this bikes.

    Hero Splendor was launched in 90's and was loved by everyone in India. According to statistics every 3rd person who chooses bike for daily usage then they opt for Hero Splendor. Splendor Pro is a refined over previous modes. It comes with 97.2 CC of engine with Fuel capacity of 11 litres. It normally gives fuel range of about 600 KM (based on your Riding Style). Best part about splendor is its body, it is a slim motorcycle which is very easy to handle even in traffic. You can easily do filtering.

    So, If you are opting for a new bike with very good mileage then nowadays you should only go for Splendor Pro.

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  • If you want a good mileage bike than you should buy a Hero Splendor iSmart Bike. The mileage of this bike is very good that gives you 70 to 80 kmpl. You can also get good mileage in bikes like TVS Star city, Bajaj CT100, Bajaj Platina.

    But Hero Splendor iSmart is better than the others. It is the largest selling bike.

  • Well, there are many bikes which give good mileage but the mileage company given is tested under comfortable conditions. Here are my recommendations.
    Mileage / average fuel efficiency of Yamaha Gladiator Type SS is approx. 55-60 kmpl.

    Honda CB Shine is also known for its mileage of 60 to 65 kmpl in city traffic.

    Hero Glamour is also a well-known bike for its mileage consistent and it also falls around your desired mileage.

  • There are some of the models which are good enough for both budget and mileage.

    1. Hero Splendor iSmart : It is 97 CC model with 92 Kmpl showroom spec with 7.6 bhp engine.

    2. TVS Sport : It is 100 CC model with 95 Kmpl, showroom spec with 7.4 bhp engine.

    3. Bajaj CT100 : It is 99.27 CC model with 89 Kmpl, showroom spec with 8.1 bhp engine.

    I think these are good for both price and the mileage. There are many other models which into non gear category. You'll find Activa and Gusto promising. Depending on how you choose the bike, I'd say go with the balance of price and the mileage.

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