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  • Which is the best VPS service?

    Searching for the most reputed VPS service? Check out the feedback and reviews at this Ask Expert page.

    I own many websites and blogs. I was using Interserver for hosting but now they are regularly going out of resources due to heavy traffic. So I am looking to buy VPS which can handle my traffic. Please make note that most of my traffic is from USA and India.
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  • Since VPS hosting is of hybrid nature which has the features from both Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting, it will let you have a low priced hosting. Since it has fewer sites running per server, you get better performance in comparison to shared hosting.

    A few good VPS hosting services include -

    1. InMotion VPS
    The service is quite rich in features. It will let you have many free tools aiding in building your website.

    2. Dreamhost VPS
    Dreamhost has a good balance of features. But, it needs you have administrative knowledge of building a website. If you are a novice, or do not have requisite tools for building and migrating, I would not advice you to opt for it.

    3. Hostgator VPS
    The Hostgator packs in much of the tools needed. It lets you build an attractive website. But, interface is a little complicated. You may need to dig deeper to find what you need.

    4. Hostwinds VPS
    Hostwinds again is a feature packed option, but still it suffers from a few minor bugs.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are two types of VPS in the market. One in which you have to manage on your own from setting up cpanel via SSH and in second where everything is done for you. So in second type it is called "managed VPS". All the defaults are setup for you. The prices for self managed VPS and managed VPS are different.

    DigitalOcean is one good VPS that can be good for the multiple websites. You can also setup the data center with your choice. For example you get the option from dallas, london, singapore etc. Do note that this hosting is only suitable if you know how to use shell access and set things up. Pricing plans are cheap starting from 5$ per month.

    LiquidWeb is one good service for both VPS and dedicated hosting. You'll find VPS hosting at relatively high pricing than digital ocean. But the servers and the uptime from liquidweb are much more reliable.

    OVH - They offer only VPS and dedicated plans. It offers a good service from technical side. Most of the developers prefer OVH for their openstack deployment.

    GoDadddy - I personally don't prefer Godaddy for hosting because they have too many upsells. I have however found that pricing wise the plans are moderate. Initial plan starts at 1,699.00/m.

    MediaTemple - They are much better option if you have streaming website or the media content hosted. Most of the sites they host are in this category. They have a bit expensive pricing plans compared to others.

    Do note that every hosting company mentioned in this answer has the datacenter in US. And they allow you to choose the data center location of your choice during the sign up.

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