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  • How to solve Reliance Netconnect data card signal problem

    Having a problem with your Reliance Netconnect data card signal? Our experts will help you out in understanding the possible cause and how to resolve the problem.

    I am using Reliance Netconnect data card with 3.1 Mbps speed. Normally, in the morning time the send and receiving speed is good from my home but at night time between 7 pm to 4 pm the signal is very very weak. I cannot browse with any website. I already complained to customer care also but no improvement. How to solve this signal problem?
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  • Reliance Netconnect data card / dongle is far better than other brands net connectivity dongles comparatively. Data card with CDMA option is really helpful than GSM one. Anyhow, you have not mentioned the tariff plan to let you know in detail. It is just because of some tariff is different than the other one, for e.g. there is an option of Rs 599 rental plan which gives 5GB at day time and 5GB at night time usage and after that 144kbps for whole month in said scheme.

    During festival days, Reliance offered the same dongle with same Rs 599 rent plan, like, total 10GB limited usage at anytime (no night and day limits) and after that 144kbps for whole month to use. So, I would like to know your current tariff or you may ask Reliance customer care to know your current tariff likewise. It could be day usage only and the rest of the (night) time might be 144kbps.

    If that is not the issue, you may contact Reliance showroom directly and they would give you Reliance service center contact detail to keep in touch in case if the dongle has really technical issue on this.


  • The problem you are facing is related to the bandwidth hogging. This problem occurs if the network region under which you are using your CDMA connection gets hogged for data sharing.

    This is quite common the BSNL network. In this case the amount of CDMA connections requesting for the data from the service towers exceed the allowable bandwidth range. So it's same as traffic blocking. However this problem is more of region specific. So you may not find the same problem in another area of CDMA network. And you may not be able to reproduce the problem. If you are concerned about bandwidth hogging then switch to GSM based network. Though it suffers from similar problem but still the GSM networks are capable of handling large amount of requests. And bandwidth throttling occurs in very limited scenarios. e.g. Festival time etc.

    How to resolve this issue? Ask the Reliance service engineers to visit your region. And request them to check for the bandwidth throttling during 7 pm to 4am. This way you can get them to work on this. If they fail to listen to your request then the best thing you can do is switch to another data card service provider.

  • The issue has more to do with the network congestion as a result of a large number of users connected to the network at the particular time. The issue can only be solved by the telecom provider by making improvements to the concerned cell site. I am sure you won't face the same issue at the given time at some other location - be it in the same city, but covered by some other cell site.
    The issue has my own personal experience. My idea cellular connection has had the same issues between 6 pm to 9 pm. The problem was finally sorted out after the installation of new tower ( the correct technical.word for it is Cell site) at my location.
    So the options let for you to get the problem resolved is to communicate with the telecom operator - in your case, Reliance. Or else, if you are sure they are not listening - change your service provider.

    Live....and Let Live!

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