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  • Major differences between Volvo cars and other cars

    Puzzled about how a Volvo car differs from other luxury cars? Understand the differences between them from our experts.

    What are the major differences between Volvo's Air quality system and those of other luxury brands? Does the air quality system use a carbon based filter? What does it consist of? How often does it require services? What is the approximate cost of replacement parts or of the entire systems?
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  • You have mistaken my friend. If you considering other cars as luxury and excluding Volvo from them, then this is your biggest mistake. Volvo cars are best in class. They comes with best security system in their price range. As you may know that Volvo cars starts from a price range of Rs. 65 Lakh Approx.which is Volvo XC90. Unlike BMW 320d it is not loaded with luxury interior and other stuff to show, rather than that it is equipped with a very fine quality body material and better security system. You get a very good BOSE entertainment package (if you opt for one). Apart from all these looking at the spare parts as you have asked then you must have a heavy pocket to afford Volvo cars. There are very less chances that you will get any issue in car parts but in case, then you will have to bulk of money to get it repaired. Service interval of Volvo cars is around 10,000 KM, but I will recommend you to get it done at 9,000 KM.

    If you want a real luxury cars than you must go for Volvo cars.

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