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    Major differences between Volvo cars and other cars

    Puzzled about how a Volvo car differs from other luxury cars? Understand the differences between them from our experts.

    What are the major differences between Volvo's Air quality system and those of other luxury brands? Does the air quality system use a carbon based filter? What does it consist of? How often does it require services? What is the approximate cost of replacement parts or of the entire systems?
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  • You have mistaken my friend. If you considering other cars as luxury and excluding Volvo from them, then this is your biggest mistake. Volvo cars are best in class. They comes with best security system in their price range. As you may know that Volvo cars starts from a price range of Rs. 65 Lakh Approx.which is Volvo XC90. Unlike BMW 320d it is not loaded with luxury interior and other stuff to show, rather than that it is equipped with a very fine quality body material and better security system. You get a very good BOSE entertainment package (if you opt for one). Apart from all these looking at the spare parts as you have asked then you must have a heavy pocket to afford Volvo cars. There are very less chances that you will get any issue in car parts but in case, then you will have to bulk of money to get it repaired. Service interval of Volvo cars is around 10,000 KM, but I will recommend you to get it done at 9,000 KM.

    If you want a real luxury cars than you must go for Volvo cars.

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    The Volvo cars and its Ex-showroom Price are as from the basic starting model,

    Volvo XC40 - 39.9 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo XC90 - 77.46 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo XC60 - 59.9 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo S90 - 51.9 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo S60 - 38.52 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo V40 - 31.93 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo V90 - 65.32 Lakhs onwards
    Volvo V40 Cross Country - 32.83 Lakhs
    Volvo New S60 - Expected Price 30 Lakhs. About to launch in March 2019.

    Volvo Personvagnar AB otherwise Volvo Car Corporation, is a Swedish automobile manufacturer founded in 1927, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Volvo interior Air quality system, has a sensor to measure the air quality coming into the car. If while driving through a tunnel where there may be high levels of exhaust fumes
    the Volvo car automatically closes its air intakes then switches to air recirculation.In addition all air even if its recirculated passes through a multifilter that minimises the levels of dust, pollen, other particles entering the cabin. A active charcoal layer does the same for chemical odours, such as windscreen washer fluid, that also filters out harmful substances, like exhaust gas particles. Anders Lofvendahl,is an Engineer at Air quality at Volvo Cars, who introduced this system . When the door is unlocked the ventilation fan switches on at high speed to expel stale air.

    Apart from these new Volvo XC90's interior Air quality System is helpful for Asthma Patients. This is to keep well being and health of it passengers, where there is larger and more efficient multi-filter,cleanZone in the
    cabin.The Volvo's cleanzone keeps most microscopic and hazardous fine dust particles from entering the car. The car is equipped with the new improved multi-filter the amount of fine dust particles smaller than 0.4 micrometre can be as much as 70% less than in a car without the filter. Several studies shows that dust particles smaller than 10 micrometre can be the reason for a number of health problems, that includes the difficulty in breathing and lungs infections.

    Apart from these Baleno, there is air quality sensor(AQS) a part of the air quality control system in the car. Its a popular basic tech, used in all cars which have a "Climatronic" AC system. This measures the pollutants
    in the air outside the car and regulates it through the air intake, that maintains the air inside the car from the AC. The pollutants are hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide, etc.,These type of systems are introduced nowadays.

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