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  • What is the benefit of Moxtra apps and its features

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    I recently came to know about an app called as Moxtra. What is this app? I wish to know about Moxtra in detail and how this app works. Is it similar to the chat apps we get currently or is it a different one? What are the Moxtra apps / tools features? Is Moxtra available for Android and for iOS? What about Desktop usage? Where to download the app? Kindly enlighten me on this.
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  • Moxtra is a mobile app for collaboration between teams and projects. It is a corporate app. It lets you stay updated with the developments with the team yiu have been working with on a project or projects. With the app, you can stay updated with all the conversations within your group in the company.
    With the Moxtra app, you can communicate with your project team mates without any constraint of time and place. It lets you share movies, documents, PDFs and what not. The app can be used for home improvement projects, distance learning and other projects.
    The app is available Android, iOS and BlackBerry. You also have access to Web portal. The Moxtra service is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.
    In addition, the Moxtra team has also come up with browser extension as well.

    You can visit for further details.

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  • Moxtra is application for mobiles which helps your team to work together on projects. You will be able to share PDF's, chat and share files. It lets you share media files as well. Best part about Moxtra is that it allows computer access as well. There are better alternatives to this application which are give below. Looking at support of the application then you can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Blackberry whereas it lacks support of Linux. If you are looking for screen sharing as well or uses Linux operating system then you can also go for Teamviewer.

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