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  • What are the best Chrome extensions for productivity ?

    Love using Google Chrome browser? Read this thread to know the best Chrome extensions which will help you to enhance your productivity.

    I have been using Google Chrome browser since a while for work. I think Chrome is the best. Can you suggest me some good and clean extensions to increase my productivity. Are Google Chrome
    extensions safe to use? Are Chrome extensions and Chrome apps alike?
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  • Here are some of the extension that I personally use to improve productivity.

    1. Stayfocused - This extension helps you stay focus on your task in browser. You can also use it for blocking some social media websites. There is also filter to block surfing for set amount of time.

    2. Noisli - If you are taking some break and want to listen to some of the best sounds, then you need this extension. It helps you ignore the distractions and other sounds. It has collection of sounds that helps you minimize stress.

    3. Xmarks - This app lets you store the bookmarks in cloud. And you can take these bookmarks on any other device of your choice. It can store large amount of bookmarks. It can also sync it when you format browser or machine.

    4. Fireshot - You can use this to take quick screen capture. It also allows you to take custom screen region images. I have found it very interesting to use for quick editing.

    5. Simple Pomodro - This timer helps you get timed breaks. You can set the tasks per timer and it helps you keep track of that deadline. It is simple extension for productivity.

    6. Dayboard - This is simple to do list extension. It doesn't put you much into burden of tracking. It helps you keep an eye on the tasks you need to do. There are many other extension to use in this category.

    These are some of my favorite extensions for Chrome to improve productivity. I find such

  • A few interesting extensions that help you to be productive are

    1. ADBlock
    It removes the banner ads on your browsing windows. One of the most popular extensions available for Chrome, it considerably betters your browsing experience.

    2. Delicious Bookmark
    The extension lets you share bookmarks easily. You won't anymore need to copy paste the links into your emails.

    3. Chrome to mobile
    Take whatever you are working on from your office to your home. The extension does work offline as well. You can just replicate your desktop to your mobile phone and keep working on your projects.

    4. Website Blocker
    It is the best one for you if you are the one who gets easily distracted by social network sites or such. You can select the websites you would wish to block for a specified period of time.

    5. Search by image
    The extension lets you search for the items you see online. It will help you identify locations based on images and thus save your time.

    6. Stay Focusd
    The extension lets you stay focused to your tasks. It does that by Bocking access to certain non productive sites like Facebook which may slow down your productivity.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here's an article I wrote that features the Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions I find extremely useful.

  • There are plenty of chrome extensions which help you from not getting distracted while working.

    Website Blocker - It gives you power to block social websites or websites which you like for desired amount of time. Looking at the statistics of survey, social sites are the main culprit which stops any worker to work flawlessly because he always have urge to check their notification or new messages.

    If you are working alone and have will to use your favorite websites again then you maybe disable that extensions which will allow you to surf again and waste your plenty of time. Apart from Chrome extension there is another solution which will help you from getting distracted.

    ISP - Yes, I am talking about Internet Service Providers. You can contact your service provider and send them list of your favorite website and tell them to block these website for a time range which will disable you to surf those websites at that time.

    At last I want to say that you should have will to work otherwise no one would be able to stop you from getting distracted. So focus on your work and goals and you are good to go without any extensions or blocks.

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