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  • Best backup strategies for a computer

    Need to perform backups for your computer? Check out the expert tips provided here to using the most effective backup strategies for your computer data.

    You are in charge of performing backups for your computer. You are interested in using a backup strategy that requires the least possible time to perform. The restore time is not a concern at this point. Which backup strategy should you perform? What type of UPS does not provide power conditioning but protects if there is an interruption of power?
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  • A few productive strategies as far as back up procedure is concerned have been listed out below -

    1. Automate your backups
    There are plenty of online backup services that help you back up your data. The advantage of using an online service is your backup data stays miles away from your computer. Having the backup data stored on the same PC may have the same dangerous effects that can harm your PC.
    The online backup services take a lot of time for data upload. It may be a cause for some annoyance.

    2. Get a complete backup plan
    If you are working with computers connected to each other, it would be better to get a backup plan for the entire group. A network attached storage drive is best option here.

    3. Go for disaster recovery options
    If your entire system gets corrupted, you will lose everything. Having a disaster recovery in place will save you from the agony of setting everything back in place.

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  • To answer this question from both hardware and software perspective, here are some of my suggestions.

    1. Get digital UPS - The fluctuations from Digital UPS are much less and you don't even notice the power interruption. So that is a big plus compared to the normal UPS. Make sure you have proper backup minutes to shut down the system.

    2. Store Data on Cloud - : Cloud services such as Google drive, One Drive and Dropbox are good for syncing data. For example after finishing the work on data you can set it to sync. This way your data loss on local computer still retains a copy on cloud. And you can later recover the data.

    3. External Drives : You are safe with cloud storage. However there are times when you can't access network and you wish to get hold on the data. External USB drives with capacity 512GB and onwards definitely helps you store data in backup.

    These are some of the minimal viable backup strategies that you must have for proper workflow. I'd also say you should consider using as many methods as possible to have better data backups and restore.

  • There are plenty of ways with which you can regularly backup your data. I am a webmaster and protection of my websites data is the main concern. You will need very good internet to make all these ways successful and effective.

    1. Online Automatic Backups - There are many online backup services which backup all your websites data after a certain period of time. If you have good amount of money then you get a programmer to make a backup system for you which backups all of your files to your server after a certain period of time. It is the most effective way, you will only have to buy a good VPS or Dedicated Server and setup the backup. You can anytime download the files from anywhere in the world. If you want to rely on any company then you can go for Backblaze or Carbonite but it will cost you bulk of money every month.

    2. Manual Backup - Another option for you is to manually backup your files to hard drivers. You can create a hard drive pyramid of your desired storage space and start copying your files in the them from time to time basis. It will cost your less money but a lot of time.

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