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  • Where to get free templates for Blogspot blogs?

    Do you have a blog on Blogger platform? Check out this thread to know where you can find free templates for Blogspot blogs.

    I would like to change the default template given by Blogger for my blog? I tried a few free template service providers but the blog does't look attractive and I have to do many manual settings. So, I would like to know, where do we get the best & free templates for Blogspot blogs??Any tips?
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  • For a blogger, there are many themes which are free and some premium theme cost less than $10. My suggestion is to go with the free template. At one point you gonna shift to WordPress.

    You can try ATB template by Imran Uddin which is a top one in blogger templates. You can also try eleven 40 style ATB theme, both of these themes are available for free in

    Try your hands with This theme is premium $10. just check this out.

    Also, check out blogger themes by blogging tip tricks, all those themes are free. > This website also provides you with free blogger templates. Make sure you keep the footer credits otherwise it will redirect your blog to owner's one.

    There is code in the XML file, remove that and you will be free from redirection. But keeping footer credits is the best one.

    After uploading .xml file and make sure to change all the links with your blog links. Go to edit template and complete your work.

  • Older version of blogger used to accept zip file themes. Now the new version doesn't allow zipped themes. So you have to find XML version of themes. You can find these themes in following websites:


    These are three websites that I personally choose for downloading the themes.

    Apart from this you can download the paid templates. However most of the free themes are enough for your initial needs. There is also one software called Artisteer. This software allows you to create blogger templates as per your design requirements.

    Do note that these free template websites add their own backlink in footer or inside the theme. Edit those themes if possible because Google doesn't like such blogs.

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