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  • Why Honda Activa scooter has lower mileage than the bike?

    Puzzled about the reason for Honda Activa scooter having lower mileage than the bike? Find out the expert answer to this interesting query below.

    Mileage is one of the most important parameter one keep in mind while buying a new vehicle. Different automobiles have different mileage. I want to know why Honda Activa type scooter has lower mileage than the bike? What are the technological reason behind this?
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  • In Honda Activa scooter, it doesn't have any gear and all you have to do is just raise your accelerator to pick up and this makes easy for driving but this is the main reason for lesser mileage.

    When you consider a bike it consists of Gear's and so the fuel consumption is less because for specific speeds we use specific gear levels but when you take in case of Activa, it is auto geared, so fuel consumption is more in this case and hence, the mileage is less when compared to the bike.

    These gears will make the fuel consumption a little lesser than the auto geared one. So Honda Activa has lesser mileage than that of bike.

  • The vehicles like Activa have continuosly variable transmission , or CVTs. The CVTs are poor in fuel efficiency. Also gearless transmission ( or auto.gear) tends to be more fuel consuming. That is the sole reason for less mileage.

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  • As exactly said above by pranay, there are some differences between gear and non-gear bikes or scooters on CVT petrol process and its consumption. Few scooters with gear like an old type Bajaj scooter too has problem in mileage but it can carry heavy duty either person or luggage with enough rise and pick up. Whereas, the bikes are with four gears and mechanism is little different compare to scooters.

    Thus, four gears or five gears bikes are better in mileage than 2 gears bikes (Samurai, KB100, Yamaha RX100 and on) for average mileage. In addition, if CC increases then there will be issue for mileage as well for four / five speed bikes, like Kawasaki, Pulsar or Honda bikes mileages on higher CC and its less mileage and on.


  • Honda Activa is a gearless bike, so you can put it into the category of scooters without gears (like TVS scooty, spirit etc). Such bikes requires a bit higher start power and completely auto gear in their operation. In the transition from start to one of the gears is completely automatic. This shifting within gears while adjusting to the speed is not manual. So such bikes tend to get more power compared to bike with gears. This operation requires more fuel for the same distance traveled. That is why Honda Activa and similar gearless bikes have lower mileage.

  • 1. Fuel economy depends on the rpm. In geared vehicles we can achieve a lower rpm by running the vehicle on higher gears for higher speed. In automatic transmission the engine runs constantly at a higher rpm thus less mileage.
    2. Honda Activa have automatic transmission. The power for the auto clutch and auto gear comes from the sole power source of the vehicle i.e. the engine thus more fuel is wasted.

  • It is due to its Automatic transmission which regularly changes gear to stop engine from straining. For ease of use you will only have to your use accelerator to increase the speed which decreases the average .

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