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  • How to increase the range of key less remote of a car?

    Follow this thread to know how you can increase the range of key less remote of a car. Get to know the complete information and details about the same.

    Today cars are equipped with many technological advancement. We know that current normal range of key less remote of a car is about 5 to 20 metres. I want to know how do I increase the range of key less remote? What are the modifications require? Are any extra accessories required?
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  • Well, the reason for not getting a proper range for your car remote is the antenna of your remote. There are couple of do it yourself techniques which can prove helpful.

    1. Apply thin sheet of tin foil. You may need to open the remote and create a little tinfoil sheet on the opposite side of the LED.

    2. Another method involves opening the remote and locating the antenna. The antenna should look like a silver box. Scape out a little silver and solder a small wire to it.

    3. There is an old technique which says holding the remote to your chin and pressing the remote button makes it work better. Though there is any scientific proof to explain it, a large number of users have admitted that it works! Could be a myth, but what's wrong in trying it out?

    Please note that the first two methods need you to open the remote. If you have no sound technical knowledge, do not open it, it may damage your remote.

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  • This can be done in several ways and it should be done at your own risk.

    This is one method where we add a wire around the inside circuit of the remote and the solder it to the antenna. Follow this following steps for that.

    1. Get into the small circuit inside remote by using a small flat screwdriver and open up the key remote. Then locate the antenna(it typically looks like a small silver box). Then using sandpaper lightly scrape off some if the silver coating of that Antenna and solder it with a small copper wire and surround it around the circuit board and close the remote with the screws. Now test with some additional distance and check it.

    2. This is another method though it considers as myth but there is some interesting concept behind it. Put the key next to your head or your chest and it will work for some additional distance. Though it considered as myth but the reason behind it is as our body is reasonably conductive and it will couple to RF source, so the resultant distance will be half of the wavelength ( which is approx). So this could add some distance and increase the range of your remote.

    The second method is very simple, you can use that.

  • There are not so many ways from which you can enhance your key's range.

    1. Battery - If you are feeling lack of range then change your battery packs they may be the culprit.

    2. Placing - Make sure that your key and car is in direct contact, nothing must be between them it will give you are good range. Apart from that you can place your key to near your ears and stick it to the head. It will definitely increase range of your key.

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