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  • Cheap and best DSLR camera to buy

    Follow this thread to know the best and affordable DSLR cameras in India. Also learn about their advantages, specifications etc.

    I would like to know some detail about DSLR camera. Which one is the cheap and best DSLR camera to buy for the beginners? What are the steps to be observed while operating it? What is the advantage and disadvantages of DSLR camera? Where to buy DSLR camera online with best offers or as a best deal? Kindly guide about them.
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  • Well, though not a professional photographer, I will come out with following suggestions based on the experience with friends –

    1. Nikon D3300
    This can be the best one for beginners. It keeps noise levels under control. The best part is it has a guide mode which lets you learn the techniques if you are not an experienced photographer. It does have a screen size of 3-inch LCD, 921,000 dots. Maximum video resolution is 1080p.
    The camera is available on SnapDeal at Rs. 24599

    2. Canon EOS 100D
    With a screen size of 3 inch LCD, 1,040,000 dots, it comes with 18 megapixel APS-C sensor and a Digic 5 image processor. It has a Scene Intelligent Auto System that helps you by analysing the scene being shot. The video resolution offered is 1080p.
    You can buy it Rs. 39995 on the official Canon store.

    3. Sony A-58
    It is an SLT, but should not make much of a difference. The focussing is quite good. The camera features good low light performance. It offers you a wide range of modes and effects.
    It comes with a 20.1 MP sensor. Screen size is 2.7-inch LCD, 460,800 dots. You get a maximum resolution of 1080p.

    You can buy it for Rs. 29269.

    Advantages of DSLRs
    1. The best part with DSLRs is the interchangeable lenses.
    2. The objects are in focus.
    1. Lack of audio control.
    2. Record times are lower compared to traditional cameras.
    3. Only manual zoom is available.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • By cheap I assume that you are aiming for the DSLR camera under 30-40K INR. In such case you have plenty of options to choose from but only of the models have good reviews. Do note that if you wish to buy DSLR then stick with brands like Canon or Nikon. Any other brand just don't cut it for the DSLR features and price.

    Here are some of your options:

    1. Nikon D3200 - Price is 20,680 (Last checked on amazon). It has 24.2 MP and 3 inch LCD. Another point to look at : ISO 100 - ISO 6400 Sensitivity which is good for those who want to take nature photos.

    2. Canon EOS 700D - Price is 34800 INR (amazon price). The megapixels offered are relatively less. However the camera has an excellent focus and ISO 100 - 6400 (Auto) sensitivity.

    3. Nikon D5200 - Price is 27000 Rs. It has 24.1 Megapixel and ISO 100 - ISO 6400 Sensitivity. At this price the model is definitely worth checking out.

    Where to buy DSLR? I'd say buy from either Amazon or snapdeal if possible, the prices on Flipkart are often skewed. Also the prices on amazon and ebay are competitive. You can also buy during festival time to reduce the purchase cost.

    Advantages and Disadvantages - DSLR is only good if you wish to be a professional photographer. If you just want point and shoot camera for family festivals then avoid these models. You may also notice that the Audio from DSLR often doesn't get captured clearly. Also the DSLR is not good if your hand are not used to setting focus and often shake. In such case you have to buy tripod while taking some professional images. The best part about DSLR is focus and zoom. You get quality time lapse and object focus with such cameras. Also the bokeh and blur effects can be added right off the camera settings itself.

    The point about best camera is debatable. Most of the expensive cameras do the same thing as basic DSLR models. They only offer the technical superiority. However at the end the beauty is in the eye of camera holder. So there is no best camera that could replace the best wielder.

    I'd say get a basic DSLR model and start taking pictures. The more control you get over camera, you can later switch to expensive models.

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