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    Problem of inaccessible H connection on Moto G 2G

    Facing a problem of inaccessibility of H connection on your Moto G 2G smartphone? Quick expert help is provided here.

    I just bought a Moto G 2g model XT1064 but unfortunately for me I don't have accessibility to have the H as connection is only the E and I have tried most of the tricks or tips you gives here, such as *#*#4636#*#*,but nothing works so I am looking for further assistance from anyone who may have the knowledge to help me resolve this.
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  • There are many users who have been complaining about this. There are some users who claim that the Lollipop update has killed the feature of showing H symbol.
    Please check in an area that has better 3G connectivity. It could be so that your area or the carrier has weak connection speed.
    Some Moto G users have indicated that switching off your mobile data for half an hour and then rebooting the phone does help in resolving the issue.
    Whether you are getting the symbol or not, check your internet speed using speed test apps. You can use the app by
    And lastly, if you are on 2G data pack, and trying to use 3G - some operators do not allow it. Top up your account with a 3G data plan and recheck if the issue is solved.

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  • There are couple of reasons which can led to that. Looking at your smartphone it is perfect for using 3G internet as it is supports most of the 3G bands. It seems that there are issues from your back-end side (Network). So, here are few steps which will help you to resolve your issues.
    1. Download proper Internet Settings as per your Carrier. You can call to your customer services and let them know about your issues. They will send you internet setting capable to run 3G internet.
    2. I know its silly but make sure that there is 3G internet available on your phone and its not 2G. You can't use 3G speed internet on 2G recharge.
    3. There are signal issues with some of network providers out there. If you are using Reliance then it is normal there connection drops most of the time. Not criticizing but there are many other mobile operators which have issues of connection drops.
    4. Please check with customer service if 3G is available at your place or not.
    5. If none of them works then please try to check with any another mobile operator, if its working or not and if it succeeds then I will prefer you to port to that operator.

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