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  • How to take screen shot without Printscreen function

    Unable to take a screen shot due to problem with the Printscreen key? Know how to take a screen shot without this key.

    My system has an issue of just one key of the keyboard, that is Printscreen one. So it is hard to take screen shot of the required source from the system. Thus, I would like to know how to take screen shot without Print screen button? Is there any alternate procedure to take screen shot without Print screen key or button? Kindly brief on this.
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  • Well, there are a couple of methods with which you can take screen shots without the need for PrintScreen option. A few are listed below.

    1. You can use third party software for the purpose. The Gimp is one such good tool.

    2. Use Snipping Tool. You can access it by navigating to All Programs-->Accessories-->Snipping Tool. On Windows 8, you can reach Snipping tool by searching for it on Start screen.

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  • There are many ways to take screenshot. And you don't have to use "prtscn" button on your keyboard. You can customize the region in which you want to take screenshot. You can take full webpage screenshot. However this is only possible if you use applications for this functionality. As explained in earlier reply you have an option to use GIMP for editing, and snipping tool.

    If you wish to know more, check Screenshot Capture Tools. The article was written keeping Windows 10 as reference operating system. However you can use these tools on Windows 7 and 8.1 as well.

    I suggest you to check out softwares such as Greenshot, Shotgenius and Screenshot Captor. These softwares offer more control over how you take screenshot and other editing options.

  • If you use Google Chrome browser, download and install an extension called, "Nimbus Screenshot & Screencast". This will easily allow you to take a screenshot of not only the visible part of the page but the non-visible part of the page as well.

    Here's an article I wrote detailing it among other useful extensions: Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

  • You can use awesome screenshot APP ( also available as chrome extension ) which can capture screen just with a click and also with options for editing and trying out other options will make it interesting.

    The only defect in this is while saving the picture, sometimes it will save in .bmp format, so watch out for that, leaving that everything is fine.

  • There are plenty of 3rd party softwares out which will not only help in capturing screen-shot but also let your edit images just after capturing them. There are hundreds of them, but I prefer two of them listed below.

    This is the most downloaded and recommended by people all over the globe. Bandicam lets you capture screenshots and records your screen as well. You can download Bandicam from there official website but it will be a free verion which comes with certain size limitation and Bandicam watermark at the bottom of the video (not image).
    You can remove these limitation by buying Bandicam. It is just going to cost you few bucks.

    Apart from Bandicam, I would prefer you to go for Lightshot because it is one and only capturing tool which is pre-synced. Every time you snap any image you will get a link to it which is accessible all over the internet. You can directly add link to your blog post or any where else which removes all the hassles of uploading images.

    If you don't prefer to go for 3rd Party Software then you get an inbuilt feature apart from 'PrintScrn' button and that is Snipping Tool. You can follow steps below to use Snipping Tool.
    1. Click on Start Menu
    2. Navigate to Accessories and look for Snipping Tool there
    3. Just after clicking on it, you will see a popup on the screen which few options
    4. Click on New and it will let your select any portion of your screen which you want to capture.

    Just after capturing your image will open with Paint which will also let you edit your image. After everything is done you can save your image by clicking Ctrl (Control Key) + S.

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  • You can use screen recording software like Snagit or screen cast o matic which can even take snapshot without any need of Print screen button on keyboard.

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