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  • How to avoid customs duty for mobile accessories purchased from Chinese websites?

    Planning to buy smartphone accessories from a Chinese shopping portal? Know some tips to avoid paying customs duties when ordering to India for such purchases.

    I am planning to purchase from Chinese e-commerce sites some mobile accessories such as phone cases, pen drives, memory cards etc which are comparatively small in size. And I heard that I have to pay customs duty when it came in India. So what would be the customs duty I have to pay? Is there any chance to avoid customs for small items?
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  • Well, though it quite illegal to avoid customs duty, here is what you can do -

    1. Ask your dealer to mark the item as "Marketing Item" or "Not for sale" item.

    2. The dealer should have no logo or stamp on the box. Avoid brand name from being visible.

    3. Let your dealer memntion the product as "Non commercial" on the invoice. It is totally illegal, so be careful with it.

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  • No you will not have to pay any custom fee you can buy Online but will have to pay shipping charges. you can buy this parts from & Aliexpress And many others sites available that ship to goods in India.

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