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  • One plus Two smartphone feedback

    Looking for a comparative review of One Plus X and One Plus Two smartphones? Check out the feedback provided below.

    I recently came to know from my friend that One plus two and One plus X smartphone is not that good as compared to their own first launch of One plus One smartphone. Is there any issue for One plus two or One plus X smartphones or is it that there are some problems only with this device? Your feedback or review on these 2 gadgets would be helpful to buyers to decide on whether or not to purchase them.
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  • One Plus series of smartphones comes with impressive hardware specifications, but as per ownership review there are many issues in them. I had a personal chat with Professional XDA Developers for my blog talking about this stuff, as per them there are issues with One's Operating System named as Oxygen OS. You must have heard of people saying that after install new OTA (On-The-Air) update they are getting better touch response, good battery life, etc. One Plus smartphone were build for Cyanogen Mod not Oxygen OS due to some legal issues they started rolling out their smartphones with Oxygen OS. So there are no issues with any of these smartphone you just need to root them and install Cyanogen Mod (You can download it from XDA-Developers or Official Website).

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  • There are a couple of issues with the One plus devices and most of them are because of the Oxygen OS. I am listing out a few such issues and their possible fixes

    1. Home button and finger print scanner do not work
    This is more like the "Earthing" issue that was plaguing the touch screen on One Plus One. If you hold the phone in one hand and try pressing the home button with the other, it may not work at times. Switch to one handed .operation. Or better still place the phone on a surface and operate it. Though this is not a permanent solution, thus is only possible fix till it is addressed by an OTA update.

    2. Dual SIM malfunctions
    The switching between the SIMs does not work smoothly. A quick reboot solves the issue. The problem arises from a bug in the Oxygen OS 2.02. Until the bug is fixed by an update, you may need to live with it.

    3. Clear All button not visible
    The Clear All button under recent apps is not visible at all at times. This again is an issue from the Oxygen OS 2.02. We need to wait for an update from One Plus. Some users have reported that updating their Google App solves the problem.

    4. Camera malfunctions
    The camera does not take pictures when the flash is on. This is an issue with the camera app on One plus. Switching to Google Camera app or any other third party camera app has been reported to solve the issue.

    5. Connectivity issues with blue tooth and WiFi
    Forget the WiFi by navigating to the saved WiFi services. Rescan and check. Reboot the router and the phone and then reconnect. In case of blue tooth, unpair all your paired devices and connect to them again.

    Please note that these are a few issues that have been observed so far. It does not mean they affect all One plus phones in the same way all time. There may be the cases where you may not face any of these problems. Or they may come up intermittently.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Some of the known issues of recent model - One plus X are related to software bugs and hardware interface issues.

    1. Networking Bugs: Turning networking on and off often creates issues. So if you enabled 2G or 3G on the phone and after the use if you disable it, then re-enabling the setting often does not start the data transfer. This is verified bug on their forums. And it seems new update is likely to fix that.

    2. Heating : Oxygen OS does take some resource for rendering the graphics on phone. So if you are using the phone to view videos and play games. This creates some heat while you use the device. Again the software patch should fix this. However the patch for this is yet to be released. Again this issue could be due to faulty device and not all the pieces show this.

    I'd say if you know how to root the device, you should install the vanilla Android into the phone. If you don't like default vanilla install, you can also install Cyanogen Mod or Xiaomi's MIUI mod. This way you can still retain some graphical improvements without any device issues.

  • These are the known malfunctions regarding these two smartphones.

    One plus X
    These are the problems which users expressed and been discussed in forums.


    In announced specifications, it shows the support for GSM / HSPA / LTE but in reality, it supports only LTE bands of 12 and 17. This will lead to some customers will be able to use the only network at HSPA speed.( This will be a major problem in the US).

    MicroSD card

    This problem is also reported by many in forums, OnePlus X is not recognising their microSD card and it has been a problem with many buying the lower internal storage version with an option of the SD card.

    One of the solutions is to change the format of SD card to NFTS in format options and if you can't change there, you can do it through command prompt.

    camera focus

    This is quite a frustrating problem in this selfie-addicted world. It has difficulty focusing on an object, it also struggles to take photos that aren't blurred. So expecting this problem to solve in next update, if it takes a long duration to solve this then they can expect in the reduction of sales.

    One Plus two

    Capacitive home button and fingerprint sensor unresponsive

    Dual-SIM selection issues

    Clear All button from Recent Apps screen has disappeared

    Camera issues

    Phonebook sync issues when connecting phone to the car via Bluetooth

    Connectivity issues

    These issues are explained in detail in above response, you can get over there.

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