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  • How to reset Aimax Neosky Tab 7 to factory settings

    Did your Aimax Neosky Tab 7 get locked? Learn from tech experts how to reset it to its earlier factory settings and unlock it.

    I would like to know the procedure to factory reset Aimax Neosky Tab 7. I tried various ways but it gets locked and the Net is off so I am unable to use ID for unlocking.
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  • Aimax Neosky Tab 7 is a low-range tablet suitable for minimal use such as watching videos, etc. As you told that you are stuck with pattern lock. You can follow these steps to hard reset your tablet : -
    Reset using Reset Button
    1. Neosky Tab 7 comes with Reset button at the top.
    2. It will be located near charging port. Take a needle which fits in it and press it for few seconds.
    3. After completing second step, your tab will start reset procedure.

    Reset using Recovery Option
    If your tablet is rooted then you can use this option as well which works most of the time.
    1. Press Volume up and Power key simultaneously for 2-3 seconds.
    2. It will open a recovery menu you will find factory reset option there.
    3. Navigate using volume keys and press power button to select. Just after selecting correct option your tablet will be same as new.

    If none of above methods works for you then its time to visit Aimax's customer support. Please find any if there and tell them about your issue. Ensure that you take your tab's bill with you to prove ownership and get it done. It will charge you about Rs. 500.

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  • Being an Android Tab, your Aimax Neosky Tab 7 should have the usual reset options.

    METHOD 1.
    Locate the reset button on your device. It should be found at the top among the charging port at the top. Press and hold a needle like ( preferably a blunt one, you just need it to push in - not to pierce into it) tool and wait for a couple of seconds. Your Tab will restart after resetting itself to the default settings.

    METHOD 2.
    Use the recovery option as you would do on a smartphone. Press and hold power and volume up button for a couple of seconds. Your Phone will show the recovery options. Scroll down to "Factory reset" and that's it ! Your tab will reset and reboot.

    Live....and Let Live!

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