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  • Does Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 support OTG?

    Want to know if the Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 smartphone supports OTG or not? Get a quick answer from the responses below.

    I would like to know if the newly launched smartphone Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 supports OTG or not. Please give the right information.
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  • Asper the preliminary reports pouring in, the Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 does have USB OTG support. You can connect your external drives to the phone and access the files stored on them.
    However, please note that some of the Zenfone models have difficulty in setting up the USB OTG functionality. Check for file formats supported.

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  • Yes, Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 supports OTG and make sure you go with the right model and check for the maximum storage support it can handle and also types of files it can process.

    For better performance use some OTG manager Apps in play store.

  • Yes, Asus Zenfone Go supports OTG. You can connect your storage devices through OTG cable. Zenfone Go comes with Android OS, so there will be no file format issues. You can download applications for every file which are not running from default.

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  • Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 is a really good smartphone priced just little more 5k and packed with several high end features and specifications. Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 does support OTG cable. Check out Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 On Flipkart

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