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  • Which Bajaj Pulsar series bike is the best one

    Planning to purchase a Bajaj Pulsar bike? Know which is the best model from the expert feedback given below.

    My friend is planning to buy a Bajaj Pulsar bike soon and would like to know as a suggestion from me as well but I have no clear idea on this. Which Bajaj Pulsar series bike is the best one for better pick up and the best mileage? There are a couple of models and hence it is confusing to finalize. Their showroom says everything is good but a few users and mechanics give different opinions on this. So please let me know which Bajaj Pulsar series bike is the best one in terms of mileage, no maintenance and pick up.
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  • Bajaj is leading manufacturer in terms of motorbikes in India. Their bikes are available at cheaper rate than other manufacturers and performs good as well. Considering latest models of motorbikes by Bajaj here is a short review on them.

    Bajaj Pulsar 220
    Launched in late 2010, Pulsar 220 is Bajaj most selling product. It is more focused as a Sports-Tourer with semi-fairing and a windshield. Pulsar 220 comes with a power packed 21.1 Bhp engine with 19 NM of torque. You get sufficient power to cruise on Indian highways whereas for Commuting you get an attractive mileage figures as well. After consulting some of Pulsar 220 users I came to result of around 40 kmpl of mileage in bumper to bumper traffic.
    Ex-Showroom Price: - Rs. 84,000 (May differ from state to state)

    Bajaj Pulsar NS 200
    After patch up with KTM, Bajaj launched their bike based on KTM 200. Pulsar NS 200 comes with most advanced engine in 200cc category. NS stands for Naked Sports, you get a muscular look in this bike whereas engine comes with maximum power of 23.5 bhp and good torque. Pulsar NS 200 is more focused on city riding that's why it doesn't comes with any fairing or windshield. If Naked bike is your choice then this is best one available at this price range.
    Ex-Showroom Price: - Rs. 89,300 (May differ from state to state)

    Bajaj Pulsar AS 200
    Pulsar AS (Adventure Sports) 200 is latest launch by Bajaj based on Pulsar NS 200 engine. Unlike NS 200 you get a semi-fairing with windshield for highway cruising. You get a comfortable seat height and posture. It comes with best-in-class ground clearance to handle harsh road conditions. If you are more focused more on weekend rides then this bike is must for you.
    Ex-Showroom Price: - Rs. 96,000 (May differ from state to state)

    Bajaj Pulsar RS 200
    This is another Bajaj bike with Bajaj's most advanced Pulsar NS 200 engine. Pulsar RS 200 is a track focused bike with racing DNA. It comes with Full-Fairing and everything which is must in racing bikes. If you are going to use your bike for day to day purpose then you shouldn't opt for this motorcycle. Looking at track racing, this is a perfect choice at a cheaper price range. Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 comes in two variants - ABS and Non-ABS.
    Ex-Showroom Price: - Rs. 1,35,000 (May differ from state to state).

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  • Thanks Joy Joon for your complete detail on this bike and looks like entire Pulsar series detail on just one page with price and specs detail. Great, By the way, how about 150cc or 180cc on this very same bike?.


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