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  • How to write and retrieve records from SQL database?

    Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to write and retrieve records from SQL database? Ask our experts.

    I'm using SQL Server Management Studio 2012 for SQL database to store data. I want to store records such as text(Strings) and Images to SQL database from my VB.NET application. So for that how can I connect to database with my VB application and write records on database then how can I retrieve those records to application as well? Suggest with the codes.
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  • There are plenty of ways you can solve this problem.

    1. You can use data explorer and connect to MS SQL Express to get the data. And then dropping the data fields on form will show you the data explorer. And from here you can easily navigate the data. This method however requires minimum code. And this is only good if you wish to make things quicker in implementation.

    Take look at the video that explains this:

    2. In second method you have to write the code on your own. This method too requires connecting to the data. You have to assign buttons or some way to insert, update and delete the data.

    Take a look at the video below to learn how to insert the data:

    Update data:

    Delete Data:

    Hope this helps you write the simple code at first. From here onwards you can write the complex code to write for your case.

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