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    How to delete a partition created in memory card?

    Are you looking for ways to delete a partition created in your memory card? Here are the best solutions provided by our Tech Experts.

    Unfortunately I partitioned my 1GB memory card via android smartphones CWM recovery and now I'm getting total 456MB of free space but it was 970MB before partition. I tried to format it from my PC and my smartphone but its still at 456MB of total space. How can I delete this partition?
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  • I am not sure whether it works or not. I would advice you to try the following method-

    1. Download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 7.0. Youncan get it from the link

    2. Backup.all.the data on your memory card. You can choose to back up to your PC or any other storage device of your choice.

    3. Mount the card to the PC using memory card reader.

    4. Run the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition .

    5. Check for Disk 2 on the application. Do not ever modify the Disk 1 menu.

    6. The Disk 2 as in the above should show you two partitions with different file format. One of them will have FAT32 and the other Ext 3 or any other format depending on what you have done while partitioning it.

    7. Right click on the partition and select Delete.

    8. Now right click on the FAT 32 partition and select Move/Resize. Drag the arrow in the next screen till the end filling up the grey area.

    9. That should be done. Check the final.out put and whether it still shows the partition.

    10. Now, click on Apply and wait till changes take effect.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Once check with this solution, I think it works. Worked for me long back.

    Format the memory card once before trying this.( Transfer all your important files to another)

    Just remove the Memory card from mobile and connect it to the computer using a card reader.

    Now you can see your memory card in removable storage( If it's not visible then open the screen lock in your smartphone).

    Open command prompt ( Go to Start Menu and select Run and type cmd and click enter)

    Type diskpart and click enter.

    You will see DISKPART in capital and type list disk and press enter

    You will enter into the Diskpart region and you can see all the real time status of the devices.Here it will show all the details of memory usage of the drivers and also removable devices.

    It will display in terms of MB, so watch out for that.Now select the disk which you want to format, in this case, our removable device. ( There will be no name like removable device, it will be named as Disk 0, Disk 1. So you should sort it out by seeing the memory of the disk)

    Now type select removable disk ( removable disk should be replaced by the disk name allocated ) and press enter

    Type clean and click enter. This will clean your memory card.

    Type create partition primary and click enter

    Type format fs=fat32 and click enter or format fs=ntfs for 2 different formats.

    Type assign and that's it. you are done with the formatting of your memory card.

    Looks like a hectic process but will not take more than 5 mins.All the commands to be enter are in bold letters, check that.

  • You have two options in such case. You can use the smartphones PC suite or you can use partition manager applications. Most of the partition manager apps can make use of the memory card and format it. You can even create partition before using it on phone. Just do note that in order to make use of the partitions from the phone, the disk format has to be recognizable.

    1. Connect your memory card to the computer using the card reader.

    2. Use partition manager app or Disk management app of Windows.

    3. If you use Disk management app then select the drive.

    4. Format the disk using FAT or exFAT file format for memory card.

    5. Let the process of formatting finish on it's own.

    6. Once finished, attach the card back to the smartphone.

    This process should give you card reader ready to read on your device. If possible try and use the Disk manufacturers partition manager app. This way you can easily format the drive and also do other disk management task keeping the warranty of the device.

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