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  • How to save battery of my One Plus One?

    Are you facing faster battery drainage problem after updating your One Plus One to Android 5.0 version? Ask our experts for its best solutions.

    After updating my One Plus One to Android 5.0 version I'm facing faster battery draining problem. Before the update this device last long 2 days with a good use and 1 day a heavy use but now it's draining fast when I'm in heavy tasking. Suggest me how can I fix this problem so that my battery power long last.
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  • Well, the battery saving tips should remain same through out all the devices. Here are a few tips on how can you make it last a little longer.

    1. Disable wake locks for the apps that are not much important. Go into Settings and then Privacy. Select Privacy Guard. Among the apps that are listed, find the app you would wish to deny wake locks. If you don't see the built in apps in the list, tap on the options and select " Built in apps". Long press on the app concerned and look for wake locks. Set it to off.

    2. Avoid setting the screen to auto brightness unless it is absolutely necessary. Turn down the brightness to suit the ambient light manually.

    3. Turn of WiFi and other radios. Well, thus is the most adviced option. No need to explain why.

    4. Switch battery mode to Power save.

    5. Turn on the Battery saver on your device. You can find it from the settings menu.

    6. Use hibernating apps like Greenify. In fact, I use it on my Galaxy S3. It's a great app that restricts many background processes as per your settings.

    7. Keep all your apps updated. The apps have been a major cause of battery drain because of many reasons like bad codes, memory leaks.

    8. Turn off the location services off when not needed.

    9. Use dark themes for your apps and wallpapers. Brighter themes will drain more battery.

    10. Remove unneeded home screen widgets and live wallpapers.

    If Marshmallow update Is available for your device, make sure you update it to the latest software. The Marshmallow update has many features to improve battery performance like Doze feature which identifies if your device is idle and restricts background processes.

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  • It happens with most of the devices after updating it to Lollipop. Just stick with the Battery saver they provided and make efficient use of resources and also see what apps are running on background.

    Though battery saver reduces performance but you have no option other than that.

    I think One plus One got the MarshMallow update. If yes then Quickly update it to Marshmallow. Your battery time will be increased enourmously.

  • OnePlus One came with Android Kitkat from default which provided very good battery backup as you said. Due to forced upgrade to Oxygen OS on OnePlus devices, there was huge downfall in battery life of smartphone. You can follow these steps to prolong your smartphone's battery life once again.
    1. If Android Marshmallow (6.0) is available for your device then just go for it. As per Google developers Android Marshmallow comes with improvements over previous Android versions in terms of battery life as well.
    2. Opt for any other custom ROM available for your device. Open XDA-Developers and take a look at verified developers profile and find if there are ROMs available for you. Read review and choose best one out there. (Note: - You will need to root your device and install custom recovery which may avoid your smartphone's warranty. Do it on your own risk.)
    3. Uninstall unnecessary resource hungry application if there are any on your device.
    4. Install any good battery saver application because they normally adjust your brightness and switch off connectivity services such as Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. when not in use which help you get significant boost in battery backup.

    If none of the steps above solves your issue then its time to face OnePlus custom representatives. As per OnePlus Terms & Condition in case of critical damage to your smartphone under warranty conditions you will get your smartphone replaced for free.

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  • Battery is often consumed by the device due to two important factors - 1) Display and 2) Network. In case of display, the amount of pixels it takes to render on the image drains the battery. Also the amount of power it is required to keep in loop with the 3G or 4G tower for signal strength reduces the battery.

    In order to manage this issue, make sure that you only enable the data when you wish to use the phone. Also do not enable the data late at night while you go to sleep. As that will drain your battery. You can also use Airplane mode to save the battery when mobile is not in use. Do note that this will stop incoming calls to your phone. However this mode saves a lot of battery.

    Second thing to fix is the display. The more colored pixels your display needs, the more battery it is going to consume. And the amount of recharging time also increases. In order to solve this issue you need to use dark background. If not dark background then make sure to use background that has minimum number of color variations. For example, using night sky as your wallpaper will drain less battery. Whereas using the image that has timesquare image with lots of color drains more.

    Here are few more tips you can use to reduce the battery draining.

    1. Install the latest update on the phone when you get the time and data. Most of the updates make sure that your battery doesn't drain.

    2. Don't use screensaver. It drains lot of power from the battery. Also don't use any screen message like your name or the date time. Instead use simple screen turn off option in the android. Set it to 10 Sec or more if you want.

    3. Make sure less background services are running. The more services in the background the more battery starts to drain. So make sure only the app that needs attention are running in the background.

    4. Remove the apps that you don't use. You can even remove some of the factory default apps like calendar and spreadsheet etc. If they are running in background, then removing them helps your battery.

    5. OnePlus also has some fancy graphics. See if you can minimize the graphics to minimal. The less effects the better.

    6. Switch to Cyanogen Mod if you find Oneplus UI draining more battery.

    There are many other UI specific settings you can do to reduce the battery draining. Hope this helps you save some battery for the phone.

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