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  • Windows 10 Home no internet problem

    Are you troubled with internet connection problems with your PC after upgrading to Windows 10? Get our experts' opinion on how to fix it.

    I recently upgraded my PC from Windows 8.1 (64bit) to Windows 10 Home (64bit) version 1511, OS build 10586.29.
    The major problem is that system apps unable to connect to internet but the Firefox and Chrome browsers works well. I tried troubleshoot but it fails to identify.
    Here are some screenshots which will clear you what I'm saying.

    Windows 10 internet problem screenshots

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  • This looks like an issue of the service that connects to internet for the update getting blocked. You have to check for the services or the firewall for such block. In that case you have to check the firewall policies.

    Another reason could be some driver getting corrupted. This happens during the TCP/IP dll corrupted for some programs. Most of the time if that program is related to the Windows then it'll not connect. Though considering it can connect your browsers. Then it means only services related to the system are corrupted.

  • Network settings could be a culprit in your case. Check the following steps -

    1. Navigate to Advanced Network Settings

    2. Locate Network and Sharing Centre

    3. Go to Change Adapter Settings

    4. Right click on your connection name and select Properties.

    5. Check if I PV4 and IPV 6 protocols are enabled. If not, enable them. Windows, for unknown reasons, disables the settings at times.

    Your antivirus programme and firewall settings could be culprits as well. Disable them and/ or update them.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Timmappa Kamat your method is not working.

  • I had the same problem. What I did is re-install my internet connection procedure as I did it for the first time.

    For that you need to go to the Settings, select Network and Internet, and select your type of connection from the list, say, Wi-fi. Scroll down and click on Advanced Options, from there you get this option, "Make this PC discoverable".

    That should do the work.

    Now coming to how your Browsers are working, is because it is showing you the saved cache pages. I think you can't go two or three links deeper from there.

    If things still don't work, call your internet service provider to set it right.

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