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  • How to connect Redmi Note 4G to TV?

    Do you want to know how to connect Redmi Note 4G to TV? Get our experts' advice.

    I would like to know how to connect Redmi Note 4G to TV. I want to connect it to my TV so that I can play videos from my smartphone on it TV. Please give me step by step procedure to connect Redmi Note 4G to TV.
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  • Well, the method described here assumes that your TV is DLNA enabled. Follow the below mentioned steps to stream the contents from your smartphone to the TV.

    1. Download iMediaShare app from the link You may also search for the app on your Google Play Store.

    2. Install the app on your RedMi Note.

    3. If your TV supports the ability to connect to your Home router via WiFi, connect it. Or else, if your TV supports WiFi Direct, connect your smartphone directly to the TV through the settings on your TV. Remember - you need to switch on the WiFi Direct feature both on your TV and smartphone.

    4. Open the iMediaShare app on your phone.

    5. Tap through to the gallery and videos/images as would wish to.

    6. Select the video/image you want to share.

    7. Select your TV in the list of connected devices. If you have set it right, your TV must be detected and available for selection.

    Done! Your TV should now begin to stream the selected video.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are two ways to connect your Redmi Note 4G to TV.

    1. Use wireless to connect :-

    If your TV has inbuilt WiFi then it's good news for you because you can enjoy your play really well from anywhere within your room. It is an advantage over wired connection.

    Here are the steps to share your display to TV

    Step 1: Enable WiFi Direct option in your TV. Enabling WiFi Direct varies with TV models available in the market.

    Step 2: In your Note go to Settings

    Step 3: Choose Wireless and Networks (MORE)

    Step 4: Select Wireless display.

    Step 5: And finally enable Wireless display
    And you will get your Notes screen to your TV.

    2. Use a wire(HDMI) to connect :-

    If your TV do not have WiFi direct feature then it should have HDMI slot at back of it. It is very simple to connect your Note 4G to TV by simply connecting HDMI cable between the two.

    Once you are connected you can enjoy your Notes screen on big TV and can watch everything that displays on your Note to your TV.

  • As explained earlier there are multiple ways to connect to TV.

    1. HDMI Port through USB : You can use the HDMI to USB connector and connect your phone to the TV. This way you can access Wifi from the phone and display the connect on TV.

    2. USB Port : Most of the smart TV have the feature of USB port these days. You can use the USB connector and attach the smartphone to the TV.

    3. MHL / SlimPort : For smartphones that don't support TV interface directly can make use of this port.

    RedMi Prime is a modern smartphone that supports interfacing through HDMI port and USB port.

    Here are some of the apps that you can use for Interfacing with the TV.

    1. Sony: If the TV is from Sony then you can make use of the Smart Connect app. This app allows you to use many features of the TV.

    2. Samsung : If the TV is from Samsung then you can use "PlayTo Samsung TV" app. This app can control almost every aspect of the TV and you can use the app as an alternative to remote as well.

    I assume you have Samsung TV and wish to connect Redmi Prime with it. Here are the instructions to use the app with TV.

    1. Install "PlayTo Samsung TV" app on your Redmi Prime.

    2. Connect the Phone using Wifi or through USB cable with TV.

    3. Let the app recognize the TV and walk you through the options for the setting the interface.

    These are basic steps you have to follow in order to use the TV with the app with USB interface. If you choose the HDMI interface still the steps are relatively the same.

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