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  • Does Redmi Note Prime support OTG cable?

    Do you want to know whether Redmi Note Prime supports OTG cable? Here are the right set of information from our experts.

    I would like to know if the newly launched Redmi Note Prime supports OTG cable or not. Please do tell me.
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  • Redmi Prime is a new device launched by Xiaomi. It is yet to arrive here in India but you can still the leaked specs on the internet. And it does support the USB OTG functionality. You can find that any device from Xiaomi from here onwards will support the OTG functionality. Xiaomi will update the phone website for all regions in second week of the January.

    As per fone arena, the USB OTG support is listed into the specs:

  • The RedMi Note Prime has just been launched and I could not see it being available in India as yet. You may need to wait till it makes an appearance in Indian stores.
    Well, it does support USB OTG functionality. It lets you connect your external hard drives to the phone and view the files that are stored on them. Make sure to check the file formats supported on the device before attempting to connect the drives. If you need to format it to the required one, do not forget to back up the contents.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Yes, Redmi Note Prime supports OTG which is a big change coming to their mobiles which are missing this functionality.

    Make sure to check the format and support before connecting.

  • Xiaomi devices comes with latest hardware available out now. Like all other high end device even cheapest Xiaomi smartphone comes with OTG cable support. Focusing on your question, Yes Xiaomi Note Prime comes with OTG cable support. You will need to buy OTG cable available for Rs. 110 on Amazon. Just connect your media storage device to cable and connect it your smartphone. You will be able to see new storage named as External Storage or assigned with any unknown letter in your File Explorer, you can open you files by clicking on it. There are no format restrictions in Android device due to their Open Source environment because of it there are applications available to use almost every file format. So, just grab you Media devices and start using them with your Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime.

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