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  • Is there any heating issue with Obi SF1 Smartphone?

    Is your Obi SF1 Smartphone getting heated up after performing a group of tasks? Get our expert opinion if there is any heating issue with all the Obi SF1 Smartphones.

    As we know that Obi Worldphone has released SF1 series smartphone recently. Though there are as many as good features in it with reasonable price but as per my friend's, he is telling that it gets little heated and the 2nd SIM card (SD card slot) is not working for dual SIM. Anyhow this phone is easily getting heated while using it for multiple tasks for more than few minutes or while playing games etc. Is there any heating issue with all the Obi SF1 Smartphones? Kindly reply.
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  • The Obi Worldphone SF1 is powered by Snapdragon 615 processor. The processor has long been observed to be having heating problem.
    The device does heat up while playing games. Users have reported that the phone heats up on playing games for a couple of minutes. However, there are reports that it cools up real fast.
    The software too seems to be not optimized for performance. It again can be a cause for heat issues. Obi needs to take care of the issues and consider rectifying the same by means of performance updates.

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  • Thanks for your reply. It is not about Snapdragon 615 processor that make an heat, even if we have latest notepad or high end smartphone with advanced processor then still get heat after just using above 10-15 minutes. Most of them like that only.


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