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    Latest and the best games for Android devices

    Looking for the newest games to play on your Android device? Check out the responses below to know the best games of 2015 and which ones to look forward to for 2016.

    There were a couple of well known games for Android Smartphones and games for Windows OS Computer that played and ran for a long. I would like to know what is the latest and the best play game for Android to go with? Which one was the best game during 2015? Any upcoming play game for 2016? What is the latest play game name and where to download it?
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  • So, as of your question and after having a look in my play store there is an option indicated top games and apps for 2015. so these are Top 6 Android games for 2015.

    1- That Level Again
    With 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 is a quite popular one. It is a Logic game where the game being the same, but the winning strategy will be varying. With 64 distinct levels, this is the best one so far.

    2 - Marvel Future Fight
    With a whopping amount of 10 million downloads and still a rating of 4.5 is quite an impressive.This game will let you go to that all the Marvel hero's and unite them. With the updates, new characters will be introduced.

    3- Stupid Zombies 3
    With 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 of an old fashioned Zombie game. Involved with Geometry and weapons of different categories, this is a fun and action packed game.

    4- Criminal Case
    I think this game needs no introduction and with 50 million downloads and a rating of 4.5 is the award-winning crime investigation game in the play store.

    5-Inside Out thought Bubbles
    With 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.4, this is a bubble shooter game based on the Disney's "Inside Out ".With much more game events and will be a fun loving game much like candy crush.

    6- Heartstone Heroes of Warcraft
    Much like this game tagline' Deceptively simple, Insanely fun" with a 10 million downloads a rating of 4.3 this will be a mind stormer for the players.

    All these games are available in Android play store.

  • The choice of best games on any platform has more to do with the individual taste and liking. However, the following list may be helpful-
    1. NBA 2K16
    A hit console game, it is quite enjoyable. It has three modes to play - season, blacktop and career. A must have for sports lovers.

    2. Minecraft: Story Mode
    A unique Minecraft game that keeps you engrossed for hours. It also has voice acting feature.

    3. Cloud Chasers
    The game has a replay value unlike most of the games currently available. The worlds are randomly generated in each instance, thus offering a unique play in each session.

    4. Monument Valley
    It is one of the coolest multi touch games. It has beautiful graphics and sound effects. A good value for money!

    5. Threes!
    The numbers puzzle game is quite addictive enough to kill time. You need to match as many numbers as you can before the board fills up. The audio effects make you spellbound.

    6. Plague Inc
    A sci-fi game where you play an evil scientist who lets the plague take over the world. It is a mix of strategy and simulation.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • It's hard to say any game is best or not. But depending on the type of genre you play, I'd say check the google with keyword. e.g. "tower defense android games 2015". This way you can find the good games for your genre type.

    1. Spirits : This is puzzle game where you have to direct the spirits to a specific location. It is not easy game and requires a lot of patience and brainwork.

    2. Nun Attacks 2 : This is scrolling shooter game. There is a lot of interesting scrolling path. And if you like shooting and killing type games then you are going to love this.

    3. Plants vs Zombies 2 : This is new installment for the game title. And this time you have more difficulty and new plants too. It however requires some plants to be purchased in order to be used. Also its expensive game if you spend money on most of the in app items.

    4. Dead Effect 2 : For those who like action and weapon based fight should definitely check this game out. I have found this game very interesting and worth playing over. Think of it as first person shooter type game.

    5. Lara Croft GO : This game falls more into the category of adventure. As you can guess from the name lara croft. Game also has an interesting set of puzzles and areas to discover.

    These are some of the games that I have tried. Then there are also games like angry birds, flappy bird and few others that you can try.

  • Thanks to all for the detail on the latest Android play game. Its look like I missed That Level Again and Marvel Future Fight etc. Luckily I got a question here and reply too on this precisely.


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