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    How to improve a technology blog for better performance and SEO

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    I am a blogger and running a Tech blog I started this blog about 4 months ago. I just want to know how I can improve the presence of my blog in Google and also work on it for SEO and improved loading time.

    Thanks in Advance.
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  • I just had a quick look on your blog/site. It is okay as you said you are just 4 months old in this field. I would like to recommend you to learn before you start earning or something. Don't plan or think to earn by providing or using some shortcuts. Instead you do some creative and unique thing then the money will follow you and so the Google and SEO. Here is the few things what I think about your site/blog:-

    1. Get some logo for your title.
    2. Focus on the title of the article it shuld be unique, small and intereting.
    3. Contents should be unique as well.
    4. Improve the layout of your blog.
    5. Create more and more articles. I mean keep updating it.

    "People says 143. I say 444 i.e. Love Your Life"

  • I am a blogger too and just had a look on your blog. It is pretty good by the way, you got good Alexa ranking as well whereas I found many places to improve in your blog.

    As your blog is based on gadgets, etc. means indirectly related to technology, you will face a great competition of high authority sites. Most of the blogger starts their blogs with technology blog only whereas it is the most saturated niche. Everyone owns a tech blog. But if you want to learn about blogging then it is pretty good as well.

    1. Theme and User Interface :- Your theme is good but as it is a blog based on tech then you should go for a magazine based theme. They works best for these type of blogs. Looking at your sidebar, I would suggest you to shift social bookmarks at the header of the blog in a line and fill up this space with Popular Posts or Important posts. This will decrease your bounce rate and get you better interlinking. If you can remove that DMCA sign in the footer of your blog, then fill it with About us, Links, etc. It will create a very good impact on your blog. I don't know why you have Multi-Navigation in your blog. You can combine your both the navigation bars and save space.

    2. Auto-Playing videos :- Buddy simply remove these video no one likes them. It will decrease their internet speed while using your website whereas while reading your blog there will be distraction. Either you should switch off auto-playing or opt for Youtube.

    3. On-Page SEO :- I don't know about your internal situation of On-Page SEO but looking at outside it is pathetic (no offence). Please interlink your posts because whenever crawlers come to your blog posts they will also crawl interlinked posts which will help in faster indexing. Apart from that it also helps readers to discover more posts on your blog. Your post titles are not related to keyword you use which will create huge impact on SEO.

    4. Speed :- I just checked your blog's speed using Google Insight tool and it shown a critical warning. I think its due to theme. If it is a free theme then go for any premium theme (if you really want to earn from this blog). They will come with very low-load time and will increase your web traffic as well. There is an issue with view-port as well which is makes this website UN-responsive on some devices. If you are a programmer then fix it on your own or go for a premium theme. They will only cost about $50.

    5. Content :- Add more and more interesting articles which will attract people. I would like to say, "Don't write for Search Engine, Write for your readers". Work hard to write your content. While writing your content consider yourself as reader and imagine what information you would want to know about that particular thing. Get good keyword embedded titles which will help in better SEO.

    6. Hosting :- You blog is hosted on Confluence-Network, I don't know directly or indirectly. But just change your hosting to any good one and get better server time. It is major thing while ranking your website. Google checks crawlers site stats before ranking websites. So that none of their users face issue while surfing the web.

    Conclusion :-
    1. Get a good theme
    2. Remove Auto-Play videos (Most Important)
    3. Use plugins to optimize your on-page blog's speed.

    Apart from all these its a 4 month old blog and I can say friend you are a really hard worker. Achieving that Alexa target in 4 months is near to impossible. So, Please try to get better in following fields, I ensure that you will earn hundreds of dollar per day.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

  • Thanks for your Advice friends and Joy joon regarding your points, yes theme is free one but I have 3-5 premium themes and just working on them. Will replace soon with a Tech magazine theme as am busy with my exams.

    Auto playing videos if just for one post and that to latest posts because this of embedded video, so will try to modify that. On page SEO, as of that port only inter linking is missing and will do that. Do you know any plugin for auto linking of posts ?

    Rest of the points, I have noted and will try to improve on that aspect.

    Thanks for the advice

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