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  • Which is the best smartphone between Honor 7 and OnePlus 2?

    Unsure of whether to buy the Honor 7 or go for the OnePlus 2 smartphone? Comparative reviews are provided below to help you make the right choice.

    The Honor 7 has a screen of 5.2-inch full HD 1080p IPS-NEO LCD display with a pixel density of 423ppi, while the OnePlus 2 has LCD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In comparison with its design, display, processor, camera, internal storage, battery life, gaming experience and other features, which is the better smartphone?
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  • Huawei Honor 7 and OnePlus 2 both are claimed to be flagship killer smartphones of 2016. Huawei Honor 7 takes over OnePlus 2 in terms of camera and display whereas OnePlus 2 is clear winner in terms of performance and operating system. I just wrote article on comparison among both these devices. Read it by clicking here - Huawei Honor 7 vs. OnePlus - Which one to go for?

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  • Both Honor 7 and One Plus 2 are super powered beasts when it comes to the comparison. A quick comparison between the two brings out the following inferences -

    Design and display
    Both the devices have premium looks in their own right. Honor 7 sports a 5.2 inch IPS LCD screen. The One Plus 2 on the other hand offers you a 5.5 inch LTPS LCD screen. Both of them provide a full HD resolution of 1080x1920. The pixel density on Honor 7 is 424 ppi which is good by any standard. One Plus 2 gives you a slightly lower pixel density of 401 ppi.
    Buildwise, Honor 7 appears better in comparison to the One Plus 2. It is completely made of Aluminum and thus has a low weight at 157 grams, whereas One Plus is on the heavier side with 175 grams. The design language of One Plus is somewhat inferior when compared to the Honor 7. However, One Plus scores over with Gorilla Glass 4 protection for the screen as the Honor 7 does not offer any such protection.

    Honor 7 has a 20.MP rear camera with auto focus and LED flash. The camera on the front reads 8 MP. One Plus 2 has a 13 MP rear snapper, while the front one is of 5 MP resolution. However, please note that the megapixel count alone does not make a good camera. One Plus 2 offers you Laser Auto focus which let's you lock into focus within 0.3 seconds. Performance wise, both the smartphones have almost similar camera functionality.

    Honor 7 is powered by in house Kirin processor running at 2.2 GHz. The octacore processor onboard ensures faster performance. The Mali-T628 MP4 GPU renders good graphics. The 3 GB on board RAM makes it a powerhouse multi tasker.

    One Plus 2 is powered by the advanced and trusted Snapdragon 810 octacore processor. That makes it a future proof device. The tried and trusted Adreno 430 GPU works wonders with the graphics. The device comes with two memory variants of 16 and 64 GB. The Honor 7 is available in 16 and 64 GB as well. However, the RAM on One Plus 2 is dependent on the storage capacity. The 16 GB version has 3 GB RAM while the 64 GB variant carries 4 GB RAM.

    Honor 7 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Customisation is by Emotion UI. The Emotion UI is known to have a lot of deeper customisations. It makes you yearn for the stock Android experience. It also carries a notorious distinction of having a lot of bloat ware.
    One Plus 2 comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop. It has the proprietary Oxygen OS. The OS is much closer to Android standard. The OS almost resembles Cyanogen OS. It provides a pure Android feel with very little bloat ware.

    In terms of connectivity, both the devices are almost equivalent. Both of them offer you a Dual SIM compatibility. You get 4G connectivity on both of them. Other standard connectivity features like WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth. The One Plus Two has a USB-C compatibility which again makes it innovative.
    You can add up additional memory if you are not interested in the dual SIM compatibility on Honor 7. The second SIM slot works as a micro SD card slot as well. The One Plus 2 has no support for expandable memory.

    Price and availability
    You can buy Honor 7 from Flip kart exclusively.The exclusivity with a particular e-commerce site makes both of them a bit without alternative choice.
    The One Plus 2 is available on Amazon India. Till recently, it could be purchased only on invite. The invite system has been done away with, and now you can buy it in a open sale.
    The One Plus 2 is priced at Rs. 25000, while you can buy it from Amazon. The Honor 7 is exclusively available on Amazon. Honor 7 costs you around 7000 less than that of the One Plus 2. You can buy it on Flipkart at Rs. 23000.

    What I would say?
    Well, that's a tricky question to answer. Performance and great hardware make One Plus 2 as the best choice for power users. However, camera and display make Honor 7 great choice. The Honor 7 has a slight edge over One Plus 2.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Both of them are high-end smartphones and here are the comparison of its specifications.

    Design & Display

    When coming to design and display of both these SmartPhones.
    Honor 7 comes with the dimensions of 143.2 x 71.9 x 8.5mm and with a weight of 157 grams which will be apt for carrying and can slide in your pocket.The Body is of Aluminium and it will come with Android 5.0 ( Lollipop) and of course with Emotion 3.1 UI ( Skin of Honor ). with a 5.2-inch display and 1080p display and added with Pixel density of 424 PPI will make your images crisp and clear, with Light and proximity sensor in it.

    One Plus 2 is a bit heavier comparing to Honor 7 with 175grams and also wider dimensions of 151.8 x 74.9 x 9.85 mm which will worry you a bit while carrying and sliding in your pocket. With same 1080p display and with a increased screen size to 5.5 Inch which is the reason of decrease of Pixel density to 401 PPI.Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Scratch-resistant glass are the added feature to it.With Android, 5.0 on Oxygen Os is quite good.

    Winner- I will rather go with Honor7 with design & display in consideration.

    HardWare, Camera and Battery

    The Hardware is a bit disappointment in Honor 7, using HiSilicon Kirin 935 system chips may vary the performance while using for the long term. With 3 GB RAM and of Octa-core with a 64-bit model with a Battery of 3100mAh should serve the cause but can't rely on that with this power packed specifications on a relatively lower model chipset. With 20 MP Rear Camera and 8MP front camera with features involving Time-lapse video and HDR modes will be a top notch.Internal Storage of 16 GB.

    Hardware for One plus 2 is filled with the Qualcomm SnapDragon 810 ( which is a powerhouse ) and with 64 bit Octa core and 4 GB RAM and a Battery of 3300mAH with all the advanced features included this is no doubt the best in this category. The Internal Storage is of 64 GB. With 13 MP Rear Camera and 5 MP front is a better one because of improved Camera Sensor Size is much more than the original spec's.

    Winner -- One Plus 2

    Final Verdict

    As I divided this into 2 category one with design & display and other with performance.So the reason for this all of them are looking for a design based SmarPhone and a Power packed Hardware without any concern on design. So Option is left out to you if the Design is your concern go with Honor 7 and with long lasting performance One plus 2 is the better one.

  • I think both of these smartphones are good in terms of specs. However there are few differences in between them.

    1. Design : In terms of device design One Plus 2 seems to be looking way better than Honor. The device weight being low of Honor is attractive option for most users. However the weight of One plus 2 is more and which makes entire design look a bit sturdy. For those who are looking for more stylish device may not like One plus 2 this time due to weight. If it weren't for the weight factor, one plus 2 takes the place for design.

    2. Display: One Plus 2 has better display in terms of dimensions. However the display size makes it a bit bigger compared to Honor 7. And for that reason you can easily carry Honor 7 in most of the pockets whereas One plus 2 is likely not suitable for most people.

    3. Processor: Both the phones are octa core and only differ with the manufacturer. So I'd call tie on this comparison.

    4. Camera : One plus 2 has 13MP camera and Honor 7MP. So you can easily guess which is better option for you if you want better camera. If you are photographer and want more still images to take then go with Honor despite low megapixel count. The reason is Auto focus cameras are not good for the photographers who take still images or the images where they require settling time less and wish to disable auto focus.

    5. Memory : Honor 7 has 3GB RAM in it's configuration. Whereas one plus 2 has 3 and 3GB variants based on the storage capacity. I have found that both of the phones have resource hungry UI mods which require RAM more than 2GB. And this is one reason it's good for both of them to have more than that. I'd say it's a tie in between both of them on this one.

    6. Battery Life : Initial few months would be too ideal to decide on the battery performance. However using 3G/2G enabled for entire day, you can guess the battery draining performance. I'd not go with the projected battery life performance for these devices.

    I personally think unless you have any specific use for the phone, One plus 2 is a good phone to get for it's design, UI and performance.

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