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  • How is the battery life of Gionee Marathon M5?

    Wondering whether the battery life of Gionee Marathon M5 is good enough to warrant a purchase? Get expert reviews on whether or not the Gionee Marathon M5 smartphone is value for money in terms of its battery life.

    The Gionee Marathon M5 has a 13.97 cm (5.5inch) HD AMOLED screen. It is powered by a 6020 mAh battery and we get up to 62 hours of talk time and 682 hours of standby time as specified by the company. It is packed with a huge amount of battery but is the performance of the battery worth its price?
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  • Well, if reports pouring in are to be believed - the battery performance of Gionee Marathon M5 promises to be robust. It comes with a massive 6020 mAh battery capacity. Sure, it will take time to charge it fully. But you can be sure that it will not let you down.
    It easily lets you have a backup of an entire day even if you are not fully charged. The Extreme Mode gets you four or five hours of backup at a two percent charge on the battery.
    If you are fully charged, you can get two days of backup. If you are a normal user, you can squeeze in upto three days.

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  • Gionee Marathon M5 is said to be longest running smartphone by Gionee. They are claiming its battery life up-to 4-5 days based on there test in controlled environment.

    But as per users review, Marathon M5 comes with battery life up-to 1 day with intense whereas 2-3 days with mixed usage. Marathon M5 comes with massive battery of 6020 mAh. It comes with following battery modes : - Perfromance, Balance and Extreme. Extreme battery mode works by eliminating background processes running in the smartphone which helps in increasing battery life of the smartphone.

    Gionee Marathon M5 is totally based on battery and comes with minimal hardware specification. Apart from all these it is priced at Rs. 17,500 which makes it a tough deal.

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