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  • Expert views on buying a new LED TV

    Planning to purchase a budget LED television? Get expert tips on what features to look for and best budget brands of LED TVs in India.

    Kindly guide me which budget LED TV is best keeping in view of the smart features, picture quality, colour reproduction, high refresh rate and viewing angle when compared with big brands like Samsung, LG and Sony.
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  • Since you have not mentioned your exact requirements in terms of size or other features let me point out a few key aspects you need to take care of. Hopefully, it will help you decide on a suitable model -

    1. Size
    This Is of utmost concern when buying a television. Please note that there is a particular distance between you and the TV for comfortable viewing experience. Always buy a TV that suits your room. The ideal.distance is 4 to 8 feet for a 32 inch LED while it should be 5 to 10 feet for a 40 inch TV.

    2. Resolution
    Resolution refers to the clarity of the picture on your TV screen. It is measured in pixels. More pixels mean more clarity and more graphical details. In India, we have four kinds of resolutions - Standard definition, HD ready, Full HD and Ultra HD. The pixels increase in that order. However, please note that beyond a certain distance the resolution does not make any difference to a naked eye. The difference goes clear as you move closer to the screen. Well, you don't go so close to your TV, right? So I would recommend to opt for one that really suits you. Do not go buy ads, or the technical jargon.

    3. Refresh Rate
    As we are aware, a video is a collection of numerous images. They are displayed at a higher rate so that we get a moving visuals. Refresh rate is the speed at which these images are updated on a per second basis. If refresh rate is better, you get better video quality.
    It depends on what type of content you are interested in. If you need high action visuals like sports or racing, you should go for a TV with higher refresh rate. If your favourite genre is regular stuff like movies and daily soaps, a standard refresh rate of 50Hz would be enough. Also note that refresh cannot be more than 200 Hz in a practical world, but manufacturers tend to advertise it in a exaggerated manner. It would be advisable not to fall prey for such tactics.

    4. Audio quality
    The RMS power rating indicates the sound volume of your television. Please note that a high rated RMS may not necessarily mean a better sound quality. Instead of going by the advertised RMS values, it is better to check it personally at different volume levels.

    5. Panels
    Panels play an important role in deciding the viewing angles. The IPS panels have better viewing angles. It means your viewing is distracted no matter at which angle you are sitting. VA panels have restricted viewing angles. You won't have much freedom. If you have a larger room, I would recommend you to opt for a IPS panel. More over, IPS panel is more stronger and durable than VA panels.

    6.Picture Engine
    This is a new concept in television technology. When you are watching a low resolution video on a larger screen, the picture engine ensures that the video is not blurred or pixellated.

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  • I totally agree with above mentioned points, And I think it is a bit techie. According to me if someone I am talking about the masses planning to buy LED, They should just grab some Brand.

    Brand Matters...
    Resolution Matters...
    HD Ready Quality Matters...
    VGA, USB and HDM Port Matters...
    Sound Quality and Technology used matters...

    Most important is the bugdet, The amount you are going to buy the LED. Now a days few LEDs are sold costlier then the some Car/Vehicles. Point is Smart Features is just the result of money. Yes, You shoud think about Brand like Samsung/LG/Panasonic/Sony... But Intex and Micromax is cheap and best.

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  • If you are serious about the viewing angle, and the display size then you should stick in between 32'' and 40''. If you want better display size in a home where you have larger room then bigger TV makes sense.

    Some of the good models to choose from are -

    1. LG 32LF550A 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV : This TV is HD ready and can be good option if you wish to watch the satellite channels on HD mode. Not many extra features though however reliance is running Chromecast offer with this if you purchase it from mall.

    2. Philips 32PFL3738/V7 81 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV : Another HD ready tv and with some good picture quality for the price quoted. I'd say don't buy this TV online and see if you can get local discounts.

    3. Samsung 32J4300 81 cm (32 inches) LED HD Ready Smart TV : This model is one of the low cost Smart TV model. It also has HD ready feature. Picture quality is good and compared to LG models a bit less grains.

    These are some of the models that I had in mind while searching for the LED TV. You can get better suggestions if you go to shopping mall and check the electronics department.

  • I am really appreciate all experts giving their potentially high pitch response to my concerns about buying a new smartphone. Thanks again. Last but not the least, could you please let me know how about the quality of Intex, Intec, Vu and Micromax in terms of best budget smart tvs in terms of smart features, picture quality, colour reproduction, high refresh rate and viewing angle? I need 43" and 43-50" TVs for my lobby area. I am again hoping a very kind and positive response from your end soon.

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