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  • How to cancel and return the Data card of post paid service

    Want to cancel and return your Data card of the dongle service you have? Learn from experts the precise procedure to do so and also if it is possible to get a refund on it.

    I was using a post paid Data card connection which is old and outdated. I would like to cancel and return the Data card dongle to the service provider. What is the procedure for it? It is post paid connection / tariff and I would like to return it in the right manner without any issue. I have one month's bill due to pay, so if I paid it now then they will start to activate it for usage and again I will need to use it or pay the bill again. I also would like to know whether I can get any refund for returning the Data card dongle? Kindly explain on this.
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  • After quite an extensive search for your query what comes to the picture is that each Provider has their own set of paraphernalia about returning a post paid service.

    I have done it with my Postpaid Sim card twice with the same provider and I had to visit their Hub physically, present a written application, and obviously after paying the dues there itself, they cancelled my account.
    First time they took the SIM, second time they returned the SIM. With dongles, we stopped using them as internet devices but we still use them as SIM card reader. But they were prepaid ones.

    Best is to consult their customer care and look for information in their official website.

  • Here's how I'd do it if I were to cancel my data card and the monthly plan.

    Get the SIM, Dongle, documentation and the previous paid bills. If you have PDF file then get it printed. And also make sure you have paid earlier bill. They are going to charge you the current bill cycle if applicable. And all the dues and the closure fees will be applied depending on your case.

    Once you give them SIM card and other documents then they can immediately close the card right from their dashboard. Some of the time this takes some time. Some companies take 2 days for verifying the data before closing the connection. Some even expect you to stay with them and they don't close the connection and bill starts to pile up. So just get written confirmation or something that you have closed the connection from them. Even SMS or Bill paid and connection closed on that bill also suffice in this case.

    You don't get any refund unless they have any specific policy to do so.

    After this process, I suggest you to contact customer care and remove any commercial subscriptions enabled on your address. That's pretty much you can do to get connection closed.

  • Here Is the procedure you need to follow to terminate your postpaid data connection -

    1. Call up the customer care and place a request for termination of postpaid connection. It would be better if you can visit the customer care and obtain a physical acknowledgement.

    2. Clear all your dues. Ask for the exact amount payable as on the date of request for termination. Please note that if you have any outstanding - no matter how little - it will give them a reason to refuse termination.

    3. Do not use the data card once you place the request. This Is more important if you have placed the termination request by calling up customer care. Be sure to return all the devices/ cards if you have placed the request by a personal visit to the customer service centre.

    4. Please note that they do not take back the SIM cards at times. Make sure they have closed your connection. Insist on a communication for that effect- either on paper, or in a digital manner (email, SMS etc).

    5. Logout of and close any accounts you might have created for managing your postpaid accounts.

    6. Please note that they will offer you a few incentives to make you stay with them. They won't allow you to terminate the connection so easily. Refuse the offers if you are sure of closing the connection.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I used to own a Reliance Postpaid Netconnect connection before owning broadband at my home. I used it for about 6 months it was good enough but due to expensive plans i decided to get broadband. I google a lot about the same question over Internet and called customer care representative about closure of my account.

    As per representative I paid all my dues and he told me that application have been submitted any my Internet connection have been disabled. After about One and a half month, a person from Reliance came to my house and told me to pay my internet bill with due as well. I was just shocked because my internet connection was already disabled. He told me that I was supposed to go to them physically to get my internet disconnected. I told him about everything, he was not ready to listen and told me to pay my Internet bill with internet closure fees which was Rs. 1000.

    I just want to tell instead of asking questions about this stuff online go to your respected telecom center and tell them about disconnection. Keep a proof with you about closure application. They try to take money in terms of closure charges, etc. don't give them single penny. Just after filling the application leave the center they are not having power to stop you because as per Telecom government, no company is supposed to charge even single penny accept of user's plan and additional services.

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