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  • Reinstall windows 10 after rollback

    Want to reinstall Windows 10 after rollback? How to do this reinstalling for free? Find the possible solution to this by subscribing the question.

    I would like to rollback to reinstall Windows 10, because somehow the install picked up my profile twice and I am unable to connect to Homegroup (It thinks I am already on the Homegroup). Can I rollback to Windows 7 and then reinstall Windows 10 for free?
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  • Windows 10 offers rollback feature for 30 days from the upgrade. So if the 30 days are not passed then you can rollback to Windows 7.

    I assume you want to rollback and still the 30 days are not passed. So you are likely to find the settings for rollback using following steps.

    1. Click on Windows Icon on taskbar.
    2. Click on Settings options.
    3. Go to Update and Security.
    4. Find the Recovery link from the sidebar.
    5. Click on "Get started" button under "Get back to Windows 7.

    This will start the rollback process. And after few downgrading settings, you'll find Windows 10 reverted back to Windows 7. Do note that performance of the machine after upgrade and downgrade will reduce. So it's better to reinstall Windows 7 for better performance.

  • You need to be careful while downgrading to the previous version of Windows. Follow the steps below -

    1. Back up everything that you would not want to lose. Software upgrades and downgrades can cause data loss.

    2. If you have signed in to any accounts or created any new accounts, sign out from all of them and remove them from main account.

    3. Click on Start and then .

    4. Click on Update & Security.

    5. In the next screen click on Recovery.

    6. On the next screen locate Go Back To Windows X where X stands for your previous version of Windows.

    7. Click on Get Started. On the ensuing screen, you will be asked the reason for downgrading. Select the appropriate one and click Next.

    8. Windows provides you a list of precautions. Note them down if you want.

    9. Click on Next. Windows will now begin downgrading your system.

    Please note that some of your apps may stop working. Reinstall them if needed.

    Since you want to come back to Windows 10 after downgrading, you will need to get your Windows 7 working properly. After that, you are free to upgrade to Windows 10 again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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