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  • Documents required to start selling on

    If you are planning to sell products online, check out the complete list of documents that are required to start selling on sites like from our experts.

    I have decided to sell some products online on I would like to know the complete list of documents required to start selling on How to proceed with the registration? Can anyone please help me out?
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  • For registering as a seller on Amazon India, you will need the following documents -

    1. Details of your company. Invoice and taxation informations would be necessary.

    2. Contact details of the individual - email ID and contact numbers.

    3. Basic information about the business.

    4. VAT/CST registration certificate.

    5. PAN card details of individual/ business.

    6. Bank account details in the name of business.

    Registration is quite simple. Follow the below mentioned procedure for the same.

    1. Just provide your business details, taxation info and bank account details.

    2. List your products. You can either lost them in bulk or one by one. Amazon has Webtools to help you upload products.

    3. Once the product is listed, buyers see your products and can decide on their purchasing decisions.

    4. When the buyer places an order, you are intimated of the same via email. You can decide to deliver the product yourself or let Amazon do it on your behalf.

    5. Amazon deposits your payment in your bank account once the order is delivered.

    The following charges are payable -

    1. Monthly subscription fees - Currently zero as part of promotional offer till 31st December, 2015. Standard charges are Rs. 499 per month.

    2. Closing fee - Closing fees are charged on the basis of total order value. For orders upto Rs. 250, the fees are zero. For order value between Rs. 250 to 500, Rs. 5 is charged while for orders above Rs. 500, you are charged at Rs. 10.

    3. Referral fee - The referral fee is dependent on product categories. You can get the detailed information on Amazon website. The fees range from 5 to 15 per cent of the product value.

    4. Cancellation charges - The orders cancelled by the seller for any reason will attract a cancellation charge of 2.5% of order value.

    All the above fees attract a service tax addition at 14.5%.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • When you are selling on amazon then you're supposed to be an organization. Amazon doesn't accept individual sellers or even OPC (one person company).

    You need to register your company as LLP or Pvt Ltd. And once registration you have to keep photocopies of the following documents with you for verification at Amazon.

    A lot of small details are often missing on official amazon FAQ, so I have listed few more which are not being discussed.

    1. Company registration details
    2. VAT/CST for the products sold
    3. Bank account number
    4. PAN Card
    5. Identity proof
    6. Address proof
    7. Full name and address
    8. Verified payment method (either netbanking or credit card)
    9. Automated payment for monthly product listing fee (ECS documents in such case)

    If you wish to get verified on multiple online shops like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal then you should checkout solution like zepo. The type of service they offer includes your own shop with domain along with registration at amazon, snapdeal and few other online shops. Doing it using such websites increases your chances of acquiring more customers. Do note that such third party services however cost monthly fee as well.

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