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  • How to apply for a new PAN card or get it renewed?

    Lost your PAN card? Get quick expert help to know how to get another one.

    I lost my PAN card 8 months back, I don't even have the number of the card. How to get another on or get it renewed? I tried asking some people and did not get proper help. Please provide details.
    Is there any possibility of getting another PAN without knowing the number? Can I apply for a new one?
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  • I recently got my wallet stolen that contained all my cards including the PAN card. It is a fairly easy process to get a duplicate PAN card, provided you know your PAN card number.

    However, if you're not aware of your number, it may get a bit complicated. Follow the steps below to find your PAN card number and get a duplicate one issued:

    How to check your PAN card number:

    1. Head onto this website:
    2. Fill up your personal details to get your PAN card number. Save it somewhere.

    How to apply for a duplicate PAN card:

    1. Head onto this website:
    2. Select the option "Reprint of PAN card.
    3. Select the option "
    Online Application for Changes Or Correction in PAN Data (PAN Change Request Form)" and follow the instructions that follow.

    Please note, that you will need to pay a processing fee of Rs. 107.00 ( 93.00 + 14.50% service tax) if you live in India, else Rs. 989.00[ (Application fee 93.00 + Dispatch Charges 771.00) + 14.50% service tax] if you live outside of India. This can be done online as well as through a demand draft.

    After filling all the details, and submitting the processing fee, take a print out of the acknowledgement form and send it across through a courier to the Income Tax department at the address mentioned on the form.

    Expect the duplicate PAN card to reach you in about 30 days provided all details you filled are okay. You can also check the status of your application from the same link I mentioned above.

  • can I apply from the following link?

    thank you i got my pan card id back.

  • It would be advisible to visit the official link for obtaining the duplicate PAN card. Even if you visit any of the so called third party links, they will - in fact- redirect you the official website itself. So there would be no point in opting for the third party links.
    Alternatively, you can visit any PAN card agency on your locality. They will let you fill up the form along with two photogaphs. You will need to pay the requisite fee and take an acknowledgement. Rest of the procedure remains as above.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • okay Thimmappa garu, thank you for your important suggestion.

    i want to apply myself, which one to choose from the website:

    1) Apply for New PAN
    2) Apply for Changes in PAN Card
    3) Apply for Reprint of PAN Card

  • When I say official link, it means the link indicated in the first response.The link you mentioned is a third party one.
    Now that you know your PAN card number, you need to go through the following procedure.

    1. Visit the official website

    2. You have options to choose from on the site. Select the appropriate option, say "Reprint PAN card".

    3. Form No. 49A needs to be submitted for the purpose. Fill in all the details correctly. Please note that your name should match exactly with that on your current PAN card.

    4. Once the form is submitted successfully, an acknowledgement number - 15 digits- will be displayed. Note this number down and save it somewhere.

    5. Print out the acknowledgement form. You will need to attach a few documents in support of your details. Attach relevant proofs of residence and identity.

    6. Affix two photographs -preferably with a white background - to the acknowledgement form.

    7. You need to make the prescribed payment for the card which will be intimated to you while filing out the form. You can pay by DD/Cheque or make an online payment using credit card/debit card. If you are making payment is using online mode, take the acknowledgement for the same after successful payment.

    8. Acknowledgement thus completed with all respects with all necessary documents, photographs and DD/Cheque (attach the payment acknowledgement in case of online payment) should be sent via postal mail or courier to NSDL within 15 days of getting the acknowledgement. Please remember to superscript the envelope with " APPLICATION FOR PAN - xxxxx" where xxxxx stands for the acknowledgement you saved in step 4.

    You need not worry as the procedure is completely self explanatory with clear instructions provided for each step of the application process.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • PAN card process was tough once upon, and nowadays everything is easy just because of online process than offline one. You just need to have your personal detail handy for new or reprint etc.

    If you have lost your PAN card or even not delivered exactly or missing while delivering etc. can be tracked and re-applied to get it done. In case if you don't have PAN number allotted then still no issue. You may visit PAF official website at for further process.

    As above said, use the link to obtain PAN number from your personal detail input and then re-print it from by paying nominal fees.


  • I think you should proceed as per follows:

    Step-1. Get the PAN card number by entering following details in the page given below.

    It ask for
    1. First Name
    2. Middle Name
    3. Sirname
    4. Date of Birth

    When you enter all the above details correctly, you will get your PAN card number which was allotted to you earlier.

    Step-2. Apply for the PAN by online. Visit the following link

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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