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  • What are the things to do after getting approval of AdSense?

    Unsure of what exactly should be done on getting AdSense approval? Learn from experts the AdSense policies, guidelines and what steps to follow to earn with Google AdSense.

    Most recently I got approval from Google AdSense. I want to be clear with my views and start a productive blog. I did not even think about it, but luckily i got it approved.

    Now I want to continue the process in a profitable manner and be aware of things to do after getting the AdSense approval.
    Mention the rules and right ways available to earn with AdSense.
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  • Congrats for the AdSense Approval. Now just keep these things to get carrying on.

    Don't get carried away with AdSense Approval, be calm and focus more on providing Unique content.

    Don't keep too many AdSense. Just use 3 Text/Image ads, 3 Link ads and 2 AdSense for search. These means 8 per Page. Just be sure.

    Get more Organic traffic for more AdSense revenue. Content will drive Organic traffic and you know that phrase " Content is King".

    Use responsive theme and test your ads with placement and always experiment with the Ad Placement to find the best one.

    Don't click on your own ads. Don't ask your friends to click on them. Don't keep ads under heading like click here, click to download etc phrases.

    Google uses advanced algorithms to track clicking, so don't think you can bluff google. Sometimes you can think you have succeeded by bluffing Google but later on Google will cut their pay.

    Always monitor over the click you get and also there will be Status option in your AdSense account. Check that option every day.

    Style the Ads such that it will merge in your content. This suggestion is nothing but the experience of my team with AdSense revenue. Hope this will help you.

  • Here are some of the things that you should do after getting approval for adsense.

    1. Create a blogger blog and start writing more on the niche you like to write about. And after writing about 20 articles, you can put the ads on that blog.

    2. Read terms and conditions of adsense. You need to regularly get familiar with the changes in the program.

    3. Use EU cookie notification on your blog. So that you can be in compliance with the blog. If you are using WordPress then you can use plugins to do the same.

    4. Add privacy policy and about page on your blog that has adsense ads. This is so that some of the ads require them on the blog before they can be allowed on your site.

    5. Do not at any cost click on your ads. That would surely give you a single way ticket to the account termination. And truth be told, there is no way to create new account on the same residential address and person's profile.

    6. Write for the topics that makes money. If you write for trashy topics like social media, WhatsApp jokes then don't expect to make thousands of dollars to earn from it. You have to write on the topics that brings clicks on ads.

    7. Use above the fold placement for the ads. Those placements bring more ad clicks. And you get decent revenue from that.

    8. Add regular content on blog or the sites from where you are earning google adsense revenue. Don't expect to end up with 10,000 USD by just posting few articles. You have to write articles on regular basis to keep in the eyes of search engines.

    9. Try to diversify with the websites and topics. Don't expect to make much money from single website for long. Google algorithm change can destroy your earnings overnight.

    10. If in doubt ask questions on adsense forum.

    11. Do not disclose your account information details like RPM, Pageviews, Clicks on forum. Also don't share account performance screenshot. If you plan to do that hide your publisher ID.

    Those are the tips I can give you based on my experience with the adsense. I hope you do well and make some good money from the google adsense.

  • A couple of immediate things you need to take care of soon after getting an approved Google AdSense account could be pointed out as follows -

    1. Avoid indulging in too much blog commenting, Facebook share etc. Spamming may result in getting your account banned.

    2. Come up with at least one post per day. I said, at least - the more, the better. Your content should always be so that it should motivate readers to visit your site again. Create useful content that proves to be valuable to your visitors.

    3. It has been observed that on getting an AdSense account approved, people ask their friends and acquaintances to visit the blog and click on ads. There are termed as Fake Clicks. Never ever indulge in those acts. Google recognises fake clicks and that could be detrimental to the better prospects of your site.

    4. Stick to the Google policies. Keep an eye on the updates to the policies from time to time.

    5. Get a StatCounter and check the traffic your site receives from time to time. It will not only let you know the origin of your visitors, but also gives an insight into the possible fake clicks.

    6. Keep your current address updated at all times. The PIN number from Google is sent via postal mail. So, having the address updated with your account is of utmost importance.

    7. Don't push it to the limit. Initially, your Google AdSense revenue could be much low. It may take months to reach the minimum payment threshold of $100. Having patience and keeping up the site well updated should be your mantra.

    8. Always interlink your content. It will help gain more visits - especially to your old content.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • 1.First of all, arrange the ads as per the page design.

    2. Do not display title of ad as 'click here' , 'contribute', 'click this ads' or any of the title that encourages a user to click ad. If google monitors it, then ads might be disabled.

    3. Place at most 3 ad units.

    4. Browse for more ad products in your adsense account. You can find Search ad product. It provides a search bar on your website. Whenever user make a search, you will earn from it.

    5. Don't place adsense ads in form of pop up box.

    6. Maximize your page views by sharing your content. Try to make 1000 impressions per day. Google sometimes pays 5 dollar per 1000 impressions.

    7. Dont put much ads on your site.

    8. Don't try to click your ads by changing IP address. Google is very strict about those practices.

    9. Try to use different ad units such as banner, a square box, etc to make your site look professional.

    10. Post most unique contents as well as create images of your own. Don't copy paste any image from Internet. It might cause copyright issue.

    11. Try to bring more traffic from social networks as well as traffic from organic search.

    So these were some of the tips from my side. Hope it will help you.

    All the best for your website !

  • Congratulations for AdSense approval. Now there are somethings for you to do's and dont's.

    Do's for AdSense revenue:

    Write regularly and post it on relevant site or blog

    Make sure you present quality post and not copying one

    Try to concentrate on upcoming trend and its niche to write

    Write at least one article of around 600+ words per day or once in two days

    Try to use html tag, image tag and video tag if necessary in each article

    You may add interlink for your own article or related article

    Try to use 'Search engine friendly keywords' in your post

    Follow the Google email instruction received

    Dont's for AdSense revenue:

    Do not copy, modify and paste the words, sentence or paragraph on any blog

    Do not post less words post and poor quality image or tag or wrong html etc.

    Do not create many blogs if you can't post regularly

    Do not use that much social networking sites to promote your post which only gives social traffic than organic one that finally some of the advertiser don't like and Google deduct traffic and its revenue generation

    Do not directly or indirectly suggest friends or anyone to use Ads to click.

    There are many do's and dont's to follow which you will learn time to time. In short, keep quality contribution regularly as much as you can in your blogs and revenue sharing sites like this one (Techulator). Good luck!.


  • Thank you all for answering, i modified my blogs thanks anonymous. and others also.. most useful answers.

  • Being a blogger I earn good amount everyday from Adsense. I also got Adsense approved within 10 days of creating my blog. Within few days of approval I was able to earn good amount of money. Here are few tips which would help you to earn: -
    1. Post Quality Content : - You will need to attract people to your blog. They will only come to your blog when you will have content which they want. So do a proper research to whom you are targeting and start writing article with good keyword research.

    2. Good User Interface and Speed : - If you want readers to stay on your blog then get a good premium theme and optimize it with CDN and caching services. It will help your users to easily use your website.

    3. Social Bookmarking : - Create social accounts about your website. I would suggest you to appoint someone to look around all your accounts and update them accordingly. Try to make videos about your niche and upload it on Youtube. You should directly relate your blog to your videos.

    4. Place maximum 3 ads on your blog page. You should change ad placement to check where you get good amount of money. If you are facing issues about heat placement then message me anytime. I will be more than happy to help you.

    Joy Joon

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

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