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    Where to buy Coolpad Note 3 case cover

    Curious to know where to get a Case cover for Coolpad Note 3 smartphone? Check this thread to know more about Coolpad Note 3 case covers from our experts.

    My friend bought a Coolpad Note 3 recently and unable to get its case cover in that place itself. However, the seller advised us that it can be purchased in local which unable to get it despite searched in many sellers who sell Smartphone case cover. We are hard to find in online sources too except expensive one in Amazon for delivery. As per local seller, they said that this is a new device and it may take some more time to reach it to the local market. Any advice on this?
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  • As you stated in your query itself, you won't be getting much options as of now for the case covers for your Coolpqd Note 3. Some of the covers I could find are -

    1. Premium Back Case Cover For Coolpad Note 3
    You can buy it from EBay India. It is made of Aluminum metal frame and thus will give a premium look to your device. You can get it at Rs. 370. It is made available in White, Gold and Silver colors.

    2. Amzer® Hybrid Warrior Case
    A premium quality cover, it has an outer polycarbonate cover and an inner TPU layer. It also has a collapsible cover that helps you view videos. It boasts of a shock absorbing design that prevents damages due to accidental drops. Available on Amber, thus cover is priced at Rs. 499.

    3. Jo Jo Imak Clear Transparent Hard Back case
    Stated to be of premium quality, you can buy this cover from ShopClues. It has been priced at Rs. 490.

    As of now, most of the cases available for the Coolpad Note 3 appear to be much expensive. You may need to wait a little more for cheaper varieties of the back case.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Thanks to Timmappa for proper explanation on this query. Yes, would like to go with the same for buying Coolpad Note 3 case cover.


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