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  • Download Fifa 16 rar file, extracted it, moved the folder to Android/obb but still unable to play

    Are you facing any problem playing with Fifa16 Ultimate Team after downloading it? Check the probable reason and its solution from our experts.

    I downloaded the Fifa16 Ultimate Team rar file from, because my playstore is showing that this game is not compatible with my device. But after extracting the rar file, when I moved the folder in android/obb and tried to start the game it is showing "download failed because you may have not purchased this app" Why is this happening? Should I download it from torrent? Will it work?
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  • The message seems to be coming because the anti piracy notice is triggered. It seems the game while installation has contacted the license server and in return gave you this notice. So this is more of case regarding not using the pirated or patched games.

    There is a chance that local permission that are set by default avoids you from installing it. You have to check with the installation instructions. You may notice that such games are likely to have some sort of malware if they are patched so make sure to run antivirus before you run them.

    Though I don't suggest usage of the torrent for such stuff. As that is illegal. So it is better to go with the official install if you want the game to be installed on the phone without much issues. So either purchasing the genuine version or going back to torrent, will solve your problem.

  • Android has two sorts of data placements. Here is how you go with it.

    1. Android/obb
    When you are supposed to place the data files in the Android/obb , it means you cannot download the data directly from the game. The game needs to verify the license from Google Play.

    2. Android/data
    When the data is supposed to be placed in the Android/data folder, there is no issue of license verification involved. You can download the game data directly from the game.

    Now, in your case, the obb file may have issues. Check if you have placed it in the correct folder. Check for the information on the data file from the site you downloaded it. Check the the correct naming of the file so that the game can identify it and access it. If the naming is incorrect, your game may fail to identify the data file and return the stated error.
    Go to your Application Manager, select the desired game and clear data. Now place the data file in Android/obb.
    If it doesn't work, try downloading the game and the associated data files from some other sites. There could be some issues with your data file.
    However, please note that it is always harmful to download games and the data from third party sites.They carry the risk of having mal ware or viruses. It is always advisable to download the games from official store or from reliable sources only. If, however, you need to download a game or an app from such sites, make sure you scan the files before installing.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • This normally occurs when you try to use a modified application to get free services. Meanwhile installing game your internet connection must have been turned on due to which game servers were triggered about invalid access. You should not downloaded pirated games because they can harm your smartphone because of their modified applications. Many of them comes with RAT (Remote Access Tool) due to which attackers can control you smartphone. I would suggest you to buy the game and install it. It will cost your a little but get your premium tech support and free goodies as well.

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