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    Recommended books for teenagers

    Are you looking for the best books for teenagers? Read our recommendations for some good books for teenagers.

    I want to buy some good books for my teenager son for Christmas. Can you suggest me some age appropriate books for the 13 year old son? He has been talking about Hunger Games. Is Hunger Games a good book collection for children? Please recommend.
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  • The Hunger Games is definitely an amazing book based on my 12 year old son's opinion. He describes it as a thrilling and innovative trilogy. I myself didn't really expect it to be that good but after reading it, I found it very interesting. The back-story of this book is, after a long rebellion between 13 districts and the Capitol in which the Capitol emerges victorious, the 13th district is reduced to rubble while the other 12 districts are required to send one boy and one girl as tributes in a fight to the death with the tributes of the other other districts. This requirement was set by the Capitol in order to remind them that they were prisoners of the Capitol. When Primrose Everdeen gets chosen to contest in the Hunger Games, her elder sister and the main character in the book- Katniss, steps forward to volunteer instead of her younger sister. Against all odds, Katniss manages to win the Hunger Games but breaks a rule in which there must only be one victor. Knowing that there has to be a victor, Katniss and the boy tribute- Peeta Mellark fake death and are crowned winners by the President Snow. However breaking this rule inspired rebellions in all the districts and the hometown of Katniss was destroyed. This is indeed a tragic book with a mysterious ending. It is definitely an interesting story for children and adults as well.

    Although the cost of 'The Hunger Games' varies, you can buy Hunger Games from Amazon at a good price.

  • Hunger games is a good book. It is based on survival action plot based on future social setup. If your son has patience to go through reading about such survival thriller based book then I'd say go for it. Otherwise better to stick with the movie itself than the book.

    Here are some of the other books :

    1. Dan brown : Digital fortress
    2. Selected Stories of Rabindranath Tagore
    3. All You Zombies by Robert A. Heinlein

    These are some of the book I'd recommend a teenager or the college student to read. I personally have read and gone through those books and I'd recommend reading it.

    There are many other books out there but books which have turned into movie are worth reading. For example book that lead to movie - "Lucy" is also worth reading.

  • Being myself a teenager, I would like to recommend you these books :

    1. Harry Potter 1-7 : Its whole collection is very interesting. Once you start reading it, you will get addicted to it.

    2. Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them : It was written by J.K. Rowling (author of Harry Potter). It shares the same universe as the Harry Potter books. If you like Harry Potter novels, you will surely like it.

    3. Sherlock Holmes : This is a series of detective genre books along with action and thriller elements.

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