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    Apple IOS vs windows

    If you want to compare between an Apple IOS and Windows Operating system based on their ease of use, you can check out our expert advises.

    What is the basic difference between an Apple IOS and Windows Operating system? Which one is more easy to use?
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  • Well, my vote would definitely go to iOS. There are a couple of reasons for this.

    1. iOS has a minimalistic and simple look to it. There is a notification custom center that manages all your notifications. The interface is quite user friendly.
    Windows has the same look as on a Windows PC.

    2. The quality of apps you get on iOS are is unquestionable. The stringent quality measures being employed by Apple reduce the number of malware and fake apps. Besides it does not allow you to download apps from any third party app store. Windows OS has considerably less number of apps. There is a little chance of getting your favourite app. The Windows store has around 17000 apps while iOS boasts of around 1.2 million.

    3. In terms of flexibility, however, Windows appears a bit better placed. The iOS is quite rigid. Windows allows you run any desktop app on it and connects to a wide range of devices and peripherals.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Apple IOS is my favorite too. The reason is not because it is apple but more because in terms of usability it is much better from Windows.

    Windows 10 OS on mobile is very hard to navigate. Earlier Windows 8 tiles on mobiles made me totally clueless about using the mobile.

    The difference between two mobile OS is basically the kernel and the UX. Kernel for iOS is UNIX based whereas Windows has their own kernel. Also the User interface and user experience on both the phones is different. Accessing certain features is easier on iOS than in Windows.

    Apps on both the market are pretty much the same in number these days. However the app experience on both the phone is different.

    Apple IOS being UNIX based OS is more strong on handling resources. It also has improved UI which makes navigation easy. You can also switch between apps easily on iOS compared to Windows.

    If we compare iOS with Android then my vote goes to Android for ease of use and customization. So it is more like Android is easier than iOS. And iOS is easier than Windows.

  • Apple IOS is designed more elegantly and Windows is more of like Operating System in your Desktop.

    Apple IOS has more advanced features and also its more of Privacy options and Windows more tend to be vulnerable to Malware and also Cyber activities.

    It all depends on the devices surrounding you like if you use laptop operating Windows then I suggest you to go with Windows mobile.

    Same with Apple devices. It will make life easier and comfortable. If you stay some time on the device, you will get used to those. So easy to use is just a matter of time.

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