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  • How to know who downloaded or viewed my YouTube videos?

    I have a few videos uploaded to my YouTube account. How can I know who downloaded my YouTube videos or who viewed my YouTube videos? Is there any software or application or YouTube setting to know all about the visitors to my YouTube account. Kindly guide on this.
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  • Well, Google has a way of checking who view your YouTube videos. The feature does not provide you exact profile of the visitors, but provides a location or demography of the visitors.

    Here is how you check it -

    1. Login to your YouTube account.

    2. Click on any of your uploaded videos.

    3. Click on Analytics button at the right hand side.

    The Analytics feature has different tabs to find the details of your visitors.

    1. Views - It shows how many people viewed your video. The data is further broken down by country and day.

    2. Popularity - It shows the popularity of your video in comparison to other videos.

    3. Discovery - It lets you know the way people find your videos. You can find whether they reach you wandering from related videos, or by search

    4. Demography - It shows the demographical details about your visitors. It also lets you know the age and gender.

    5. Hot spots

    Live....and Let Live!

  • As explained in earlier answer you can't get the personal information of who downloaded your video. YouTube being Google property can collect a lot of personal information based on IP. However some data will remain speculation unless the person with logged in account gets recorded. Even those cases data is less likely to be accurate.

    Instead you get general stats of the origin of the viewer. The stats include watch time, demographics, gender, age group and source. Note that most of the data collected is based on speculation. Especially the gender and age part where the person is recorded in stats.

    The more accurate stats would be available in case of YouTube RED subscription where the paying members will be included in the stats. And people who pay for stuff don't use anonymous names or account and due to the payment processing you get to see some genuine stats.

    In short, download stats are completely masked and there is no way to know find out.

  • You can view the total visit information including downloading information from Google Analytics in YouTube. This will help you to know country, type of visit, visit source, type of OS and many more information.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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