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    How to get better traffic to news related website?

    Want to know how to increase traffic to News portal websites? Need tips on getting better traffic for your news portal? Check out the responses from our experts.

    I am looking get more traffic to my website. Kindly guide me on how can I increase traffic to my web site. My website genre comes under news portal in Telugu and English. My site covers entire Indian nation.
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  • I would advise you to focus on the contents and the news updatation for your news portal. It is very important and quit easy for any news portal to get more traffic day by day. The only condition I believe is that the portal should be updated regularly with some unique contents. Some of the advise I would suggest you for your news portal.

    1. Focus on the contents of your news portal.
    2. Update is daily/weekly/hourly.
    3. Make some sections like Breaking News/Brief/Short news and some Long news and Discussion on the current Affairs as well.
    4. Get advise from some expert and put it on your portal.
    5. Try to include all kind of news like Poliics/Sports/Films/Business etc.
    6. Indeed local people would love to use your site in the local language "Telugu".
    7. Don't ever try any short tricks or any bad SEO tips.
    8. Make your site's social presence on all the popular social network site and update them regularly, It will be the great source of promotion as well as traffic.
    9. Practice and concentrate on the blogs and news you publish on the portal. If it is real, genuine and unique you would have good traffic on your site.
    10. Don't make any false news or hoax on your portal.

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  • I suggest you to start Facebook page and Twitter account.

    Make sure that every post that you make gets automatically twitted into your official account.

    On your Facebook page, share something that goes viral. Don't break in false news. Share news that have attractive images or clickable titles. Think of creating link-baits and share them on Facebook.

    Use humor and memes in your favor. Make news and memes on celebrity people. This has a chance of going viral than any other option.

    Create videos or share funny videos and use your website link to redirect people to that video. This way you get regular traffic.

    This is how most of the popular websites are bringing the traffic to their own website.

    These are some of the options that you can use for getting the traffic on your website. Most of the time single method does not work for long time. You have to work harder for consistent traffic on your website.

  • News Website which are New should focus more on getting Social traffic and start a Facebook Page and also twitter exclusively for that website.

    Make use of FaceBook Ads and twitter ads, this will make sure that you increase your reach.

    Focus more on trending topics and Post regularly in Pages.

    Make sure your team is big and covers all the topic and also Quick enough.

  • Thanks For the Information

  • Work on the titles! "Sexy" clickable titles that are somehow deceptive are working well for news blogs. People want to get the real story - what mainstream media won't publish. Clickable titles get a higher CTR in SERPS and in social pages such as on Facebook, Twitter.

    I agree with Pranay: Post more on trending issues and controversial news items, leave the boring topics to mainstream media.

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  • If you would like to get better traffic to your news related website then you have to focus on something which online visitors looking for. News websites (old and new) competition is tough though those websites are limited compare to other niche websites. You can easily update the hot news from local and nation to attract the people online who are looking for the latest news and updates. Try to present them differently though the same topic might cover by other News portal.

    Though there are many tips and suggestion given above by the valuable member to improve your news website for traffic, I can try to add just few points.

    1. Try to add keywords like News, Breaking News, Hot news, Flash news suitably beside every title or summary to cover the search engine. Avoid unnecessary over keywords usage and you can use alternate keywords if required for the content.

    2. Try to add unique local news which other newspaper doesn't cover it. I remember once there was an issue in local collage where one of the news website published it and got huge search.

    3. There are millions of news or topic to write which uncovered by the daily newspapers. You may try to bring forth for better prospects of the website.

    4. You may try to add 'search engine friendly' keywords to attract the mass. Anyhow, since your news website is a new one then it might take time to become popular and increasing traffic until and unless you contribute regularly.


  • Well, there are a few basic techniques you can employ to increase traffic to your news portal. Please note that these techniques depend on individual cases for success and one cannot assure that it works for every scenario.
    Let me point out them one by one -

    1. Employ a good team
    The team is what accounts to be the backbone of any successful venture. Since you are designing a news portal, it goes without saying that you wont be able to do it alone. You will need a team. Look for passion in whom you hire.

    2. Content
    Content is always the king. Keep posting regularly. Frequency of posting improves your chances of getting better traffic.

    3. Social media integration
    Create a Facebook fan page or group on Facebook. It has been observed that Facebook drives more traffic to your website than even Google. Make it a habit to post a link to the Facebook page whenever you have a new content on your website. Keep tweeting all your new posts to twitter. Have a user friendly twitter handle that lets you communicate with your visitors, or let them communicate with you.

    4. Pay attention to the breaking news
    Having a Breaking News category serves more than regular tabs. Try gaining more insight into daily happenings than what other mainstream media sites do. Since you are into the regional news business, have more focus on local news.

    5. Make use of multimedia
    Use a few eye catching images and videos related to your news item. Also using infographics can help gather attention of the visitors. Let your images be pinterest friendly so that your visitors can easily pin them. Upload your news items as videos to YouTube with a link to your site.

    6. Use SEO techniques
    Always interlink your new posts to related older ones, and republish your older posts with links to the newer ones. Make use of Keyword research tools while posting your content.

    7. Other important ideas
    Include a search tab in your site. Also make sure your site is mobile friendly. Most of us these days have been using smartphones to access online sites.

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