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    Is it unsafe to connect to an external router when charging a laptop?

    Keen to know whether it is safe to connect external router while your Laptop is charging? Want to know the consequence of connecting an external router to a laptop which is charging? Keep an eye on this thread to know more from our experts.

    I have heard that when one is connected to the Net via a router, one must switch off the external power charging device of the laptop and let it run on the battery only. Why is this so? Is there some safety issue? If so, in what sense? Has it got anything to do with radiation? Can some experts explain.
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  • Greetings friend, I use a laptop with Ethernet cable and router connection too. It is not a danger for any laptop. The two cables do not interfere between themselves, this is because of a solid state of connection, no radiation will be sent into laptop that can harm the laptop. Perhaps what you heard were rumours that overcharging cheap laptops and using them for a long time on external power would go kaput. I have been using many laptops with router and charger and never such problem occurs.

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