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  • How to link Payback card to Mobikwik

    are you curious about how to link Payback card to Mobikwik ? You can check the answer from our expert team.

    Can anyone please tell me detailed step by step procedure about how to link Payback card to Mobikwik ? Please tell me complete details as well.
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  • Existing Payback users can redeem their Payback points on the Mobikwik app. Follow these steps for the purpose -

    1. Go to My Account.

    2. Select Payback points.

    3. Select Redeem Points.

    Mobikwik will automatically detect your Payback account linked to your primary number. Be sure that you have registered the same number as primary number on your Mobikwik account.

    Four Payback points equal Re. 1 in the Mobikwik wallet.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • First register your Number in payback, which can be done going through their official website. ( If it is not done at time of taking the card).

    Download Mobikwik and use this Same number and Email as of Payback. ( To make sure things go pretty smooth).

    Connect your Payback account with Mobikwick using option provided in Mobikwik settings.

    Authorize your payback account and it will show the number of points and here 4 points =1 Rs.

    Then enjoy your drive. Hope this helps you

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