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    What to do if OTG pen drive not detected in a smartphone

    Having problems with OTG pen drive not getting detected by your smartphone? Get quick guidance from our experts right here.

    My OTG pen drive is not detecting in my mobile. Previously it was working fine, but when I formatted my OTG pen drive then it was not working. Can any one guide me what to do?
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  • You can try the following menthods :

    1. Some smartphones do not support FAT 32 file system formatted drives. Likewise, some don't support NTFS or FAT partition. Try formatting your pen drive on a PC by selecting different file systems.

    2. Most OTG cables don't last longer. They get damaged easily. Try using different one.

    3. Similarly, you should also check whether you pen drive is working on a different device or not.

  • There are a couple of third party apps that can be used to troubleshoot the USB OTG connectivity issues. Here are a few such apps -

    1. OTG Troubleshooter
    This app shows the condition of the cable. It ensures the connectivity of the device. You need to disconnect and reconnect the cable when prompted to do so.

    2. OTG disk explorer
    The app can be used to view the files stored on the connected device. Just connect the USB device to your phone and open the app. You can then use your favourite apps to open the files. The free version works for files of size upto 30 MB. For more than that, you need to upgrade to Pro version.

    Now that you have mentioned that the OTG functionality was supported before you formatted your pen drive, it clearly means that the current file format on your drive is not supported on your phone. Check the phone help guide or check with the official helpline to get to know of the file format supported. You can then format the pen drive to the supported format and then it should work on your phone again.

    Live....and Let Live!

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